Review: Tales From The Campfire (2018)

Horror Stories by the Campfire!


Night of Terror Films, straight outta Canada, Director Tim Bell brings his horror anthology based on four friends going on a camping trip into the woods for a gathering around the campfire telling horror stories. Each horror story has it’s own short segment paying homage to The Evil Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Blair Witch Project and many more. Tales From The Campfire brings four friends, Katy, Sarah, Vincent and Ethan sharing scary stories all involving a hooded killer named The Raven. The Raven is an ax wielding, psychopath who preys among horny teenagers looking for a good time at the Ha Ha Cemetery.  

Easily, my favorite segment was the first one, A Dark Past. What can I say, I am a sucker for Satanism and Witchery. The moments in A Dark Past had me feel like I was playing the first 30 minutes of a classic Resident Evil game, searching for clues on what happened to the whereabouts of Bravo team. This was by far the strongest segment that could have easily been the entire movie.

With a low budget of $5k, Tales From The Campfire has some great things to offer. TFTCF is what happens when a small person crew and cast get together and are passionate about their project and make $5k look more like $50k. The Beginning of TFTCF has a 70’s hillbilly-sploitation atmosphere, which I love and continues to grow strong. Towards the end, I started to not care about our main characters, mostly because of the strong short-stories that carried the plot towards it’s climax.

Tim Bell, Michael Tatlock, and Ulrich Saukel (who not only produced but played strong key roles) did a fantastic job bringing Tales From The Campfire to life and I can not wait to see what is next from Canada, eh.

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