Filmmaker of the Month: Troy Escamilla

We have been following the progress of Troy Escamilla’s film making career very closely since the beginning of the Horror Syndicate.  Troy’s very first feature, “Party Night“, was actually the very first Independent film screener we received and reviewed.  It was an hour to review his first and second feature and we cannot wait to see more from Troy.  Troy is really in the dirt getting work done, Party Night was released in 2017 and Stirring released in 2018.  The next film is Teacher Shortage and we cannot wait to see what Troy has in store for us.  Both films were crowd funded and if Teacher Shortage goes to crowd funding, we know it will fund.

We are really excited for Troy as both films, Party Night and Stirring have been picked up by WIld Eye Entertainment and will be coming to DVD very soon.  Party Night is due out on September 11, 2018 on DVD which is today, you can pick it up at Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Target and Amazon.  His second feature retitled, Mrs. Clause is due out November 13th, just in time for the Holiday season and you can pre-order Mrs. Claus on Amazon now!

One of the great things about each of his movies, we are seeing huge jumps from one to the other in Troy’s skills as a film maker.  We do expect Teacher Shortage to be even better than Party Night and Mrs. Claus aks Stirring(I prefer Stirring).  I have had the chance to meet up with Troy at the last two Days of the Dead in Indianapolis.  We sat in on an Indie film maker panel and I watched as he absorbed everything each filmmaker on the panel was saying.  Troy is a feature filmmaker for sure, but is also still a a student of film and the film making process.  Even getting the chance to kind of evesdrop on a conversation with another filmmaker and Troy was just soaking in the info.  That is something I have noticed, there is more to learn and Troy is all about finding ways to improve in his craft.  We cannot wait for the next Escamilla, we are confident it will be his best.

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Check out the poster and trailer for Party Night.

Here is the poster art and trailer for Mrs. Claus


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