Retro Review: Evil Ed (1995)

As we all know Friday was THS Lives, as I was listening to Ray, Mike, and Jared talk about Arrow Video and Scream Factory, I had to go check some out. So I browsed Amazon a little bit, and a movie called Evil Ed grabbed my attention. I read the plot, and it was official, I had to watch this movie. Evil Ed is about a film editor named, well Eddie of course. He’s a very quiet geek with no self-confidence, to say the least. Well, one day Eddie gets loaned out to another department, the Splatter and Gore Department. Where he meets his new boss Sam Campbell. Which I almost want to say is a play on Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, due to multiple Evil Dead II posters being in the film. Which I have no evidence of, but would be a cool easter egg if so. Anyways Sam Campbell is the head of the department, he’s a giant dick, as well as a male chauvinist pig. Eddie is told by Sam what his job will be there, and you can tell Eddie wants no part of it. His job is to edit and slice an entire slasher franchise called Loose Limbs to comply with rating boards. Throughout the movie you see Eddie splicing scene after scene, it eventually starts to get to him. Especially where he doesn’t see this stuff every day like me and you. He slowly becomes paranoid, and frankly batshit crazy. From thinking a loaf of bread he’s cutting is a human arm, too seeing a bizarre creature in the fridge his work is slowly turning him into Ed, Evil Ed to be exact.

When I started Evil Ed I have to be honest I thought it was going to be a pretty bad movie, the acting wasn’t the best, and it has some weird dialog audio. But that made me start to like the movie more and more, it got better and funnier. That’s right I said funnier, this movie had me rolling in current scenes. In a way, it reminds me of Dead Alive, and how they mixed Horror and Comedy. It’s definitely apparent the person who made this movie loves horror. Quoting random one-liners from other movies, and movie posters throughout. You would figure someone wouldn’t make a movie about someone doing what they see in a horror movie. Especially back in the day, with the media coverage on over the top violent movies, censorship, and ratings. I guess Evil Ed just said fuck it. Now, what do I think of Evil Ed? To be frank, I loved it, and I bought the Arrow Video Blu-ray of it as soon as it was over. I can already see this movie becoming a guilty pleasure, that I will watch again and again. It’s definitely a slow burner at the start, as it slowing shows Eddie turn into Evil Ed. But its one hell of a ride all the way to the end, with over the top gore and situations. Fun practical effects, puppets, flying limbs, and bad jokes. What’s not to like? Better yet if you want to check this film out, it is available on Prime Video for free, if you have Amazon Prime. has a rating of 5.5 ????
Personally, I’d give it a 7.0 This movie kicks ass!

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