Review: The Spirit of Haddonfield (2018)

Happiness strikes knowing a new Halloween film is coming in a few short weeks.  But, even better, how about a well made Halloween fan film that puts your right in the mood for wanting more Michael Myers?

The Spirit of Haddonfield is a fan film, written and directed by Rene R. Rivas.  It is really a passion project for the filmmaker.  Rivas is a huge fan of the Halloween series and very in to the series and its mythos.  Rivas just had to get this out of his system, telling me, “you never know if you will have the chance to make a Halloween film,”  That isn’t a direct quote but it is pretty much what he means.  It is true, Hollywood has their hands in Halloween right now and that is fine, but it is great to see people like Rivas, DiSanti and Milliner take matters into their own hands and doing series like Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween very proud.

I have spoken to Rene R. Rivas multiple times about the film and we have had him on THS Lives, with plans to have him on in October as well.  He talks of the pure passion he has for the Halloween series, iconic moments that play back in his head and the themes and tones of the series that matter.

Well, last night I had the chance to finally see The Spirit of Haddonfield.  I did just what Rene told me to do.  I hooked it up to the big 55-inch TV, turned the soundbar up and turned the lights off.  This is the proper way to watch a horror movie for the first time.

The Spirit of Haddonfield, it is good, I trusted Rene’s passion and he comes through.  My first impression is the tone, he set it off perfectly.  I won’t delve into the story, I will let you see for yourself when it is released to the masses in a couple of weeks.  But, I will talk about the atmosphere was set, Rene was able to make Arizona look like Illinios, add in the familiar Halloween score, with a twist.  Newcomer, Hannah Owens was surprisingly good and very believable.  But, one of the best things about the film, the cinematography is wonderful, I don’t think we can give enough credit, but this film is very theatrical, which differs from many Indie films.

It was good, the film was good and as I mentioned, it put me right in the mood for Halloween films.  This will be a nice warm up to the Blumhouse Halloween coming later in October, for sure.  Personally, I want to see more for Rene in the Halloween Universe. This was a good movie and I think any Halloween fan will enjoy the Spirit of Haddonfield.

It is nice to see the same person play Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, Vincente DiSanti did a great job playing the Shape.  I personally think it would be fun if these two team up for a Friday the 13th/Halloween crossover flick.

The Spirit of Haddonfield is coming Oct. 1st to Youtube.  Subscribe to Rene Rivas YouTube Channel.

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