Malvolia: the Queen of Screams Halloween Special Coming Soon!

From the Desk of Malvolia: the queen of screams

Dear Future Victim:

Congratulations! Because you have made a lasting impression on me this past year, YoU are invited to MY Annual Halloween

SAVE THE DATE: It will be taking place on october 25th. This year, I’ve picked a secret Special Location to play a fun
game, so be prepared for anything. Come as you are… No costumes needed.
You may see some familiar faces… I’ve invited some of last year’s guests to attend.
For fun, You will be challenged in unthinkable ways and will be put to a series of tests. So, Lets reminisce over the cruel
and torturous ways we’ve impacted each other the year.
I’m just dying to see you!

My Coldest Regards,
Malvolia, the Queen of Screams

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