Days of the Dead Convention Cancels Lifetime VIPs and Free Pass Weekends

I love going to conventions, horror, comic and Star Wars are my favorites.  In a time when there are so many conventions popping up all over the place and what some consider to be the beginning of the end of conventions.  Days of the Dead has decided to abolish the Free Weekend passes, including those given out last year(I have one).  But more important, they are abolishing life time VIPS.  Wow.

From the Facebook page of Days of the Dead


Some of you may have noticed a few changes the last couple of month, New logo, new website, new guests, even a new city. Our team has been working endlessly to bring everyone a bigger and better convention.
Days of the Dead had a few exiting partners at our final 2018 show, but it strongly remains under control by the remaining partner who started this establishment back in 2011.
It has come to our attention that people are wondering about the FREE WEEKEND passes and life time VIP’S. With separation, contracts, and legal obligations down to the fine print, we have been advised to abolish these. Due to contract conflictions moving forward DAYS OF THE DEAD is legally not allowed to honor them. We are greatly sorry for this inconvenience, we understand many of people are in possession or have spent money to win these. This is unfortunately something that is out of our hands and control. We truly hope that you understand this is not something we wanted to do. We thank you for your growing support and we look forward to bringing you the best show we possibly can.

Days of the Dead

Last year Days of the Dead lost some of their partners and the contracts have changed.  So, things are now different in the world of Days of the Dead.  While this post may come off as a negative thing, and in a way it is, it also is not.
Days of the Dead had 4 Lifetime VIP ticket holders.  These VIP passes were free of charge, so they are not losing money or anything like that.  I assume, these VIPs were friendly with the partners who are no longer with Days of the Dead.   Although one person said she won the life time VIP pass and will not attend another Days of the Dead leaving with #RIPDOTD
But, this is probably not the best press release, nor the best time.  This Facebook post, first, needs to be front and center on the website, secondly, should have happened before the Atlanta Days of the Dead.  I for one, would have been livid if I drove all the way to Atlanta, from St. Louis, ready to enjoy a free Days of the Dead weekend and get to the convention and have them tell me the pass was no good.  I saw on their Facebook people telling stories of being turned away because of the Free Pass not being accepted.
Days of the Dead is going through some changes and I am sure there are loose ends to tie up.  I do not agree, the ablishment of the Free Admission should have begun in 2020.  Originally this made the people at Days of the Dead liars and maybe they are.  Shortly after news of the change in partnership, I messaged the Days of the Dead facebook and asked…
So, you can see, yes my free tickets would be valid.  My question, how much money did or would Days of the Dead lose because of these Free Admission tickets?  Is the money worth alienating your fan base?  Wouldn’t it be smart to try and win over a fan base.  People are not happy, no matter how much the people at Days of the Dead try and back peddle.
Those who received the free pass from Days of the Dead due to a canceled Photo, you need to email them @
Personally, this really sucks.  If I want to go, I will pay, but if you make a big change, it should have been announced sooner.  It sounds to me like there are many people who no longer trust Days of the Dead and I am curious to see how much this could change attendance.  I have been to the last few in Indianapolis and it is a big party.  Now, things are changing and the convention is pissing on their fans, yes or saying “fuck you”  which ever you prefer to say.  Going to their Facebook and reading comments from their over 70k followers is something else, mostly anger and confusion.  I think it is warranted.  This new team with Days of the Dead, could end the convention.  I mean, your main competition is Horrorhound Weekend and that show, always has been so much better.
If you look at your fans as costumers, this is a no-brainer, rather than piss off half the fan base and attendees, fix the issue by sending out free passes to those who have them.  Then in 2020 shut this down completely.  I think I get it, overall it probably has a lot of legalities we do not know about.  But on the surface, which most look at, this is a giant “FUCK YOU!”
The Indianapolis show is going to be downtown at the Westin, yes…perfect place for a convention, even if there is a convention center a street over.  The Westin is a super expensive hotel and over priced.  I do think this has to do with money, above everything.  The former location could not have cost as much as the Westin downtown Indy.  Again, following it’s main competition, HorrorHound, who moved downtown to the JW Marriot in 2018.  So far, the guest list is not appealing, maybe to wrestling fans, which is weird that a horror con is filled with wrestlers as guests.  So far, WIlliam Shatner, known for his legnthy career in horror, along with Pamela Anderson, another horror vet and Kurt Angle…a wrestler.
I will finish this by saying, good luck Days of the Dead.  You may have really screwed yourself on this one, but thanks to the algorithms on Facebook, 90% of your 70k followers will probably miss that post…so, I am sure you’re safe…How about an official press release?  This needs to be listed on every single page on the website, for each city.
I have messaged Days of the Dead and it seems like they are trying to fix this issue.


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