Resident Evil 2: Review Pt1 *SPOILERS*

Resident Evil 2 Review Pt1

21 years later since the classic, here we are. Resident Evil 2 Remaster gets released by the same team using the same engine for Resident Evil 7. When footage dropped last year I literally lost my shit. My favorite survival horror game looked fantastic and I absolutely had to play it. If you are like me, expectations are high and waiting for the January 25th release was torture but here we are.

The game begins differently than the original. Leon stops at a gas station in the middle of a zombie apocalypse till he is met with Clair Redfield. The original game did a fantastic job setting up chaotic environment and anxiety of going to the RPD. RE2 (2019) basically drops you off at the RPD ignoring the mystery of the side streets and roads through Raccoon City. I was kind of upset that the journey through Kendo’s gun shop and fighting Brad Vickers was absent but once you get into the RPD, real terror begins. The zombies are incredible, each zombie different and completely grotesque. The enemies are no longer easy to take down with a shotgun blast to the face, in fact avoiding confrontation at all cost is recommended. You know have the option to board up windows so additional zombies won’t appear,

zombies never de-spawn either so any zombie you encounter with forever stay in the area. Zombies will follow you from room to room as well avoiding the classic door opening first person perspective. The lickers are tough and can be avoided by sneaking but don’t count on tip-toeing around them. Some of the enemies are gone; the crows are gone, the ivy monsters are gone but replaced with plant zombies with weak spots. The Cerberus dogs are back but they are the easiest of the enemies able to take down with a shot or two to the head. Mr X is back and that’s when the anxiety begins. Just like Nemesis, Mr X will continually follow you from room to room (even those doors you need shape keys for). Depending on who you play as, 2 or 3 hits will get you killed by the big guy. William Birken is back but definitely easier than the classic boss fights. The most impressive enemy in the game is Police Chief Brian Irons. Brian Irons comes off as an abusive uncle whom’s intentions are to hurt Sherry and anyone who comes in contact. Brian Irons always seemed like a write-off in the original but in this remake Irons is insane and has a pedo vibe. Irons is in Claire B for a short time but his performance will haunt you as you play as Sherry. If you die too many times the game will prompt a note asking if you would like to play on an easier difficulty, lol.

My biggest issue with Leon A/Claire B ( I hear that the true game is with Claire A/Leon B) is that the puzzles and boss battles are the same. My favorite part of classic Resident Evil 2 was that you encountered different boss battles and areas that fit like a giant puzzle box once you had completed A and B scenarios. The survival knife can get destroyed leaving the player completely “fucked” if you run out of ammo. Even though knives and grenades can be used as a defense mechanic I feel like the game loses points not having a knife unavailable if used too much. Another issue is WHERE THE FUCK IS BRAD VICKERS!! This is a huge moment for hardcore fans and let’s be honest, we all wanted to fight zombie Brad again. Oh well, maybe he will be in the Nemesis remake. 

Overall, I had a blast playing the first half of this remake. I played alone with the lights out and headphones on pissing my pants sometime during 2AM and 4AM. I was able
To get the deluxe edition featuring useless pistols, awesome costumes such as Elza Walker skin which was a character replaced by Clair Redfield but the biggest compliment is having the option to use the original score and SFX to turn up that nostalgia dial.

Is Resident Evil 2 a perfect game… find out in part 2.


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