Trailer: Child’s Play (2019)

Nothing is sacred in this world.  Not that Child’s Play is some kind of masterpiece.  But, it is one of the last of the 80s slashers without a reboot.  That will all change June 21, 2019.

Here is the trailer for the new Child’s Play.  We will see how it is in June.  It is pretty unnecessary considering, the original series is not dead.  To me, and many others, this makes no sense.  If, Curse and Cult of Chucky were never released, it would make sense.  I hope we are all proven wrong and this movie is good.

This trailer is short and it may show a little too much.

Child’s Play, the remake stars Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree Henry and TBA as the voice of Chucky…can’t wait to see who does Chucky’s voice.  Child’s Play is due out June 21, 2019.

Will you pay money to see this movie?


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