Indiegogo: Never Hike Alone 2nd Edition Home Video Release

Never Hike Alone was released on YouTube late 2017 and it has taken horror fans and more importantly Friday the 13th fans by storm.  Never Hike Alone is the movie fans needed while we wait for the big studios to get their heads out of their asses and make a new Friday movie.  It has also lead to a rash of other Friday fan films that are all in the works.  But thanks to Never Hike Alone being free on YouTube and the Friday the 13th video game, Jason is back, yes the man behind the mask.

Womp Stomp films is doing a second edition for those who missed the first.  So don’t wait, this edition has a more standard cover art, so if you got in on the first, you may want to grab this one two like I am.

Vincente Disanti and Andrew Leighty star in this great Friday the 13th fan film.  So, if you haven’t, check out the trailer and the back the brand new Indiegogo and get a copy of the movie or one of the other tiers.  To back click here

or Follow this link:

From Indiegogo:

A fan tribute to Friday the 13thNever Hike Alone follows an adventure blogger, Kyle McLeod (Andrew Leighty), who uncovers the lost remains of Camp Crystal Lake while on a solo backpacking trip. Ignoring the campfire tales from his childhood, Kyle’s search turns deadly when he crosses into the path of Camp Blood’s legendary mass murderer, Jason Voorhees (Vincente DiSanti). Stranded in the forest with Jason on his heels, Kyle must push his survival skills to their limits if he hopes to survive the night. Otherwise, he’ll wind up as another lost victim of the cursed camp. (approx 54 min)

In 2017, our team at Womp Stomp Films successfully crowdfunded and created the Friday the 13th Fan Film, Never Hike Alone. The film made its debut on October 13, 2017 as an opening night selection of the Telluride Horror Show and simultaneously began streaming for free on the Womp Stomp Films YouTube Channel where it has amassed roughly 800,000 views and counting.

After receiving several fan requests for a home video copy of the film, our team returned to crowdfunding in early 2018 and successfully raised over $50,000 to produce a run olimited edition run of 1,750 Blu Ray / DVD’s.

However, little did we know at the time that the popularity of the film would continue to grow and leave thousands of fans wanting a copy of their own.  So, this is why we have decided to return to Indiegogo for this new campaign to raise funding for Second Edition Blu Ray Never Hike Alone on Blu Ray


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