33 Least Viewed Horror Movies Fan Vote 2019

Well, here we are with list number two.  There are going to be three main lists, this one, the Top 100 and of course the 50 lowest ranked.  Every single movie is ranked by the fans of the Horror Syndicate Facebook page.  Of course we can expand things and do a Top Halloween movies fan vote list or A Nightmare on Elm Street list.  We will see, the fan vote has been a strange journey to be sure.  Just wait until you see the top 10.

So, this list is more about awareness.  Most of the films we ranked were getting, 150 to 200 rankings.  So, I picked the least viewed, 33 of them and all are under 75 rankings, it is a shame.  There are so many gems in this list and I will make sure to mention the movies that I am shocked so little have seen.  Otherwise, we’re doing trailers this time, rather than pictures, so watch the trailer and see if these are something you wanna check out!

On with the list!

33. Rec (2007) 75 Rankings

32. Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 (1987) – 74 Rankings

I am kind of surprised by Prom Night 2.  This is a great and fun 1980s horror movie that is better and very different from the original.  You can watch this now on Shudder with Joe Bob Briggs…What are you waiting for?

31. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) – 73 Rankings

Interesting film from 2005 that really surprises me when I see not many have seen it.  It is slow, but very effective.  Worthy of a watch for sure!

30. Dead Snow (2009) – 72 Votes

29. Lord of Illusions (1995) – 70 Rankings

Ok, this is a damn fine movie.  It is surprisingly good and you have to watch it sometime.  Hell, it is on Comet TV often enough.  But, this is a Clive Barker story and worth the watch for sure.

28. The Horror of Dracula (1958) – 70 Rankings

Growing up, my mother introduced me to horror.  When it comes to the famous monsters, Dracula, Frankenstein and the Mummy, it was Hammer.  I didn’t discover Universal until the mid-90s, long after Christopher Lee became my Dracula.

27. Martyrs (2008) – 67 Rankings

Not surprised at all.

26. Madman (1981) – 66 Rankings

Not surprised at all, but Shudder had Madman and with Joe Bob Briggs.

25. Maniac Cop (1988) – 65 Rankings

24. The Woman in Black (2012) – 64 Rankings

This is a very Hammer horror style movie and it is very dark and very good.  Check it out!

23. Village of the Damned (1960) – 64 Rankings

22. TerrorVision (1986) – 64 Rankings

Do yourself a favor and watch this movie.  It is a fun creature feature that is totally mid-80s.  It is so much fun, don’t take it too seriously.  It is a crazy good time.  It has its own theme song!

21. The Fly (1958) – 64 Rankings

Seriously people!  This is a classic and it was way ahead of its time.  I think the followers of The horror Syndicate need to take some time with some classics.

20. 976-Evil (1988) – 64 Rankings

19. I Spit of Your Grave (2010) – 63 Rankings

18. Wolfen (1981) – 62 Rankings

17. Cannibal Ferox (1981) – 62 Rankings

Not too surprising on this one.  It is a cannibal film and these are not for everyone.  But, it is on Shudder if anyone wants to take a chance.  It is now on two of these lists.

16. Tourist Trap (1979) – 61 Rankings

Shudder has this one with Joe Bob

15. Phantasm IV (1998) – 61 Rankings

I think the Phantasm movies are totally underrated and this one is great!

14. Burial Ground (1981) – 61 Rankings

This, I understand.  It is an Italian horror movie and not as well know as some of the others.  It is pretty fucked up overall and I suggest watching for terrible one-liners, 27 year old playing a 12 year old and gratuitous nipple biting.

13. Street Trash (1987) – 59 Rankings

This movie is not for everyone, at all.

12. The Brood (1979) – 59 Rankings

11. Stake Land (2010) – 57 Rankings

10. Dagon (2001) – 56 Rankings

If you’re a fan of Lovecraft, Dagon is a must.  It is better than expected.

9. Blacula (1972) 56 Rankings

Totally worth a watch, give it a shot, then watch the sequel, Scream Blacula, Scream

8. Last Shift (2014) – 54 Rankings

Last Shift is good, Shudder has it and you should give it a shot.

7. Blood Diner (1987) – 49

6. A Bay of Blood (1971) – 47

An Italian slasher classic and a must

5.Subspecies (1991) – 43 Rankings

If you love Full Moon movies and somehow missed Subspecies, what in the hell are you thinking?  Vampires man, Radu!

4. Stage Fright (1987) – 43 Rankings

Not bad, it is another Italian horror film, a slasher.  Check it out.

3. Phantasm: Ravager (2015) – 43 Rankings

It is the finale…we think.  Just finish the series already!

2. The Dead (2010) – 29 Rankings

Eh, this movie is dreadfully boring.  Don’t bother.

1.Count Yorga, Vampire (1970) – 26 Rankings

So, this is the American Dracula in a way.  It is really cheesy and a fun movie.  I do suggest this and its sequel.

Well…what are you waiting for, go check these movies out!

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