Acclaimed Horror Fiction Series CLICKERS Being Rebooted

The "Ghoul," a made for TV movie based on a book by Craley author Brian Keene, will premier April 13th on the Chiller network. Wednesday March 28, 2012. John A. Pavoncello photo

Those who know me know what a huge fan I am of horror author Brian Keene. My favorite works of his thus far are his novels in the Clickers series, written with the late Jesus Gonzalez. The first Clickers novel, written by Gonzalez and Mark Williams, kicked off a literary universe that spawned three sequels (co-authored with Keene), as well as an anthology of short stories set in that world. The narrative followed Understandably so, Keene made it known that he would not write another Clickers novel without his best friend after Gonzalez’ untimely passing. While holding true to that, Keene and his compatriots have found a way to keep the Clickers world thriving. From Keene’s blog:

And so today I am happy to announce CLICKERS REBOOTED — the working title for a brand-new series of Clickers novels. The new novels will be overseen by myself and Cathy, and will feature all new characters and all new settings. Regular series characters like Rick, Tony, Jennifer and Livingston are retired with Jesus and I. In keeping with the spirit of the originals, each book in the series will be a collaboration between two authors. The authors will change with each book. A glance at the table of contents for CLICKERS FOREVER demonstrates how inclusive the franchise is. That will continue with the new series. And while Jesus’s estate will retain ownership and control over the franchise, the new authors will receive 100% of the advances and royalties for these new books.

The first entry into the new Clickers Rebooted series will be written by horror authors Stephen Kozeniewski and Wile E. Young. Both of those authors are featured in the short story anthology Clickers Forever. We will do our best to bring you any other news related to the new Clickers Rebooted series!

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