Review: All Strippers Must Die! (2012)

There is a lot to be said about distribution and advertising for a movie.  Especially in the world of Indie Horror.  This is where Wild Eye steps in, they can take a movie that, well lets call it trash and market it to look like it may be interesting.  With a great tagline, we bring you…All Strippers Must Die!  Oh, the tagline, well…

“They’ll work the pole, then steal your soul”


A group of young horror filmmakers decide to film in a strip club that was once a famed movie palace, with a deadly and haunted history. Soon, the spirits that inhabit the building possess the unsuspecting dancers and all hell breaks loose on the dance floor as the strippers seek fresh blood and souls

Originally called “G-string Horror”, which with a title like that, I would have never given it a second thought.  Even on a table where the movies are 4 for $20, I would have never pull this one, or go back and buy it after the first few I grabbed.  The tagline got me.  This is a part of Wild Eye’s “Raw & Extreme” collection.  It is raw, that is for sure and extreme…ly terrible.

The movie plays as a documentary in a 100 year old building.  Years before a stripper was killed in the basement by some guys with an ancient knife of some kind.  She comes back years later and weird things begin to happen.  It also looks like it is a found footage film.  It just doesn’t work.  But, is there anything to save this one?  Well, for the fans of strippers and boobies, yes.  There are some gore effects that are not too bad, but for story, and of course the acting, not good.

So, should you check this out?  Hell no, it is not worth the money at all.  Don’t fall for the cover, nor the tagline.  This one was rough.  But to be honest, I should have known.

So far, this is by far the worst I have seen from Wild Eye. has a rating of 3.5 and it is too high.

This gets a 2 and that is being nice.  The packaging of this movie makes it look so much better than it really is.  This movie is poopie.  I wish I didn’t buy or watch this one.

Oh and marketing, Wild Eye changed the title and made it better, gave it some cover art that is way better!  Check it out below.


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