Review: Killer Campout (2017)

Horrorhound Weekend has come and gone and I walked away with 8 different movies from Wild Eye Releasing.  The first one that caught my eye on the table was Killer Campout.  The cover art screamed slasher fun and it is 100% an homage to 80s slashers, especially the Mutilator.  Remember going to the video store and picking out a movie based on the cover art…Well that i how I picked, Killer Campout and a few other WIld Eye movies.


Two youth counselors bring a group of emotionally troubled teens deep into the woods for a weekend of solitude and confrontational therapy. The trip turns deadly when they are terrorized by a cannibalistic hermit with a thirst for blood.

So, this review will not be too long.  This movie is weird.  The characters ages are all over the place.  Pretty much all of the actors are really bad, to terrible.  The story is generic, but that is only a way to get to the gore and the tits.  There are plenty of both in this one.  Gore and blood is good, plenty of kills in this movie and there are some disturbing moments in the movie.  The beginning of this movie does come out hard and raunchy.  But, because of the beginning of the movie, it gives away the twist towards the end, especially because of a really shitty wig.  If you cannot tell this is a wig, there are problems with your vision.

The most bizarre thing about this movie, the voice over dubbing of a few of the characters.  I thought the audio was messed up, which it may have been.  But, there are voice overs in the movie for some strange reason.  At times it reminded me of some of those old Italian horror films.  You can’t really understand one of the characters at times.  But I will say one thing, the constant arguing over cigarettes.

So, what was good about this movie?  Eh, the gore and blood.  The rest is pretty lackluster.  I am sure there are some budgetary constraints and I bet there would be more to the movie.  I do wonder if this one was, as I say, “self aware” like Pool Party Massacre.  What I mean, it was bad on purpose, well…Pool Party Massacre isn’t bad, but you know what I mean.  Killer Campout, what it bad on purpose?  I don’t know the answer to that, but I bet this one is going to be one of those movies that is fun for a lot of people.

So, you can check out Killer Campout if you want, it isn’t great, but it is a fun Indie horror movie.  Possible one of the better movies released by Wild Eye.  You can pick it up on Amazon for $12 or…find Wild Eye at a con like I did and buy a bunch of their movies.  Which include Mrs. Claus and Party Night from our friend Troy Escamilla.

Oh and there will be a Killer Campout 2. has a rating of 5.5 with only 30 votes.

I give it a 4.0, somewhat fun, but super odd movie.

Check out this poster that pays tribute to the 80s slasher, the Mutilator.


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