Rev Krueger About picI like to say that I was born to be a horror fan, you could say that I was destine to hate it or love it. When you are born in the early eighties, and your last name is Krueger (yes, that is my real name) you hear a lot about Nightmare on Elm Street. Combine that with parents that didn’t feel watching horror would harm their children (If they watched it, we did, and they liked horror), a little brother that would bravely watch any movie with you (even if it was from behind the couch) and a boom in the horror industry; yes I was destine to be a fan.

One of the things that I really enjoy doing is going to the conventions, although I don’t make it to as many as I would like. Horror fans are a breed apart, many of them have had to fight for their passion. Many people, not only refuse to watch/read/whatever horror, but they look down on the people who do; that just means that when horror fans get together they are a committed group, not fair weather fans.

Anyway, since I was raised in horror I also enjoy a lot of the aspects of horror that are not blood and guts. I like the atmosphere or common themes (you know, Halloween staples), life is just a little more fun playing with the things that go bump in the night.

5 Horror Movies to Watch:

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Save The Green Planet

Doom Generation


Planet Terror