Hey y’all, this is actually my first About Me page, so this is fucking weird man. I’m a young film nerd out of Chicago, IL. who loves everything that has to do with film and filmmaking. Writing film reviews has been a dream of mine since I was a child, so to do that here is kind of a dream come true. I also love writing screenplays and playing video games when I even have the time to, which I don’t.

I also love comic books, such as Batman: The Long Halloween, Hush, Watchmen, Preacher. The classics.

Horror has always kind of loomed over me without becoming a big influence on my life until a few years ago. I sort of always accidentally fell into a horror film-viewing experience, at parties or friends houses and such, but I always had this secret love with fear, found something fun and fascinating about it. These past few years I’ve been playing catch up and discovering everything I’ve missed in horror, a genre that is constantly being inventive and fun to watch. The embodiment of nightmares, which gives way for infinite possibilities. It’s easily become my favorite genre.

Shit, I’m rambling now.

Five films to watch:

  1. Black Christmas (the good one)
  2.  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (The original)
  3.  Alien
  4. The Burning
  5. My Bloody Valentine (Original…or once again, the good one)