Horror Lists

Top 15 Horror Films of the 1990s

August 10, 2016 Ray Marek III

The 1990s were a strange decade for horror movies.  Strange and poor.  It seemed like at the begging of the decade there was some 1980s overflow and there are some really poor attempts at making […]


Review: Mama (2013)

August 7, 2016 Victoria Enright

For my first horror movie review, I decided none would be more fitting than Mama. After all, being a new mom myself, I might be able to gain a new perspective on this intense horror […]

Horror Icons

Horror Icons: Freddy Krueger

August 6, 2016 Ray Marek III

This was my first movie monster.  With no knowledge of anything else, of course I saw pictures of Dracula and Frankenstein, but had no idea who or what they were.  So way back in 1985 […]

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