22 Horror And Thriller Movies Starring Your Favorite Grey’s Anatomy Actors

In April I fell down the Grey’s Anatomy rabbit hole with the goal to watch all 14 seasons before season 15 premiered at the end of September. I met my goal, but after watching Grey’s Anatomy all day everyday watching it just once a week wasn’t enough, and I was going through withdrawal. I told myself that having no more Grey’s Anatomy to watch was a good thing so I could start catching up on my other shows and movies on my watch list, but I couldn’t help but want more Grey’s. In October, I got the idea to combine my love for Grey’s Anatomy with my love for horror, and see how many horror movies I could find that had Grey’s Anatomy stars in them. While I already knew about some of these, I was still surprised at how many I found. So, here’s 22 horror and thriller movies for Grey’s Anatomy lovers to watch and get their spook on!

1) Truth or Dare (2018)

Starring: Sophia Ali aka Dr. Dahlia Qadri

Truth or Dare follows a group of young friends who’s game of truth or dare turns deadly if the players don’t follow the rules.

2) The Ring (2002)

Starring: Martin Henderson aka Dr Nathan Riggs

The Ring is a modern classic which follows a journalist investigating a videotape that is said to cause those who watch it to die 7 days later.

3) Devil’s Knot (2013)

Starring: Martin Henderson aka Dr Nathan Riggs and Robert Baker aka Dr Charles Percy

Devil’s Knot is based on the true story of three teens being accused of the murdering children as a part of a satanic ritual. There’s also a couple of documentaries about the case, West of Memphis, and Paradise Lost which has two sequels.

4) The Strangers: Prey At Night (2018)

Another one starring Martin Henderson aka Dr Nathan Riggs!!

The Strangers: Prey At Night is one of my favorite movies of the year, which I did a review on here at The Horror Syndicate. This sequel to the 2008 The Strangers follows a family being stalked and hunted in a secluded trailer park.

5) Kidnap (2017)

Starring: Jason George aka Dr Ben Warren

Kidnap is about a mother trying to find her kidnapped son.

6) Breaking In (2018)

Starring: Jason George aka Dr Ben Warren

Breaking In is about a mother trying to protect her family during a home invasion.

7) Feast (2005)


Starring: Eric Dane aka Dr Mark Sloan

Feast is a horror comedy about a group of people fighting monsters in a bar.

8) Helter Skelter (2004)

Starring: Eric Dane aka  Dr Mark Sloan

This is the 2004 tv movie remake of Helter Skelter, based on the book of the same name about the Manson murders.

9) Open Water 2: Adrift (2006)

Starring: Eric Dane aka Mark Sloan

Open Water 2: Adrift is about a group of friends stranded in the water.I

10) The Pact II (2014)

Starring: Camilla Luddington aka Dr Jo Wilson/Karev

This sequel to The Pact is about a woman who ‘s nightmares about a serial killer may be more than just dreams.T

11) The Cabin In The Woods (2012)

Starring: Jesse Williams aka Dr Jackson Avery

The Cabin in Woods explores classic horror tropes while a group of friends visit… a cabin in the woods.

12) Hard Candy (2005)

Starring: Sandra Oh aka Dr Cristina Yang

Hard Candy is about a young girl trying to catch a predator.

13) Valentine (2001)

Starring: Jessica Capshaw aka Dr Arizona Robbins and Katherine Heigl aka Dr Izzie Stevens

Valentine is about 5 women getting threatening Valentine’s and stalked on the holiday.

14) Hannibal Rising (2007)

Starring: Kevin Mckidd aka Dr Owen Hunt

Hannibal Rising follows a young Hannibal Lecter who moves in with his aunt after the death of his immediate family, and plans revenge on those responsible for his sister’s death.

15) Bride of Chucky (1998)

Starring: Katherine Heigl aka Dr Izzie Stevens

Chucky kills his girlfriend Tiffany in order to bring her back as a doll as well, so he can now have a partner in crime.

16) Home Sweet Hell (2015)

Starring: Katherine Heigl aka Dr Izzie Stevens

Home Sweet Hell is a horror comedy, also starring Patrick Wilson, about a couple who seems to have the perfect life, until the wife learns of her husband’s affair, but she doesn’t let that or anything ruin their image, and takes matters into her own hands.

17) Scream 3 (2000)

Starring: Patrick Dempsey aka Dr Derek Shepard (BONUS! Scream star Neve Campbell guest stars in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy as Derek’s sister!)

Scream 3 follows the original Scream gang, Sidney, Gale and Dewey, once again getting terrorized by a masked killer, who is also going after the stars of the newest Stab movie.

18) The Zodiac (2005)

Starring: Justin Chambers aka Dr Alex Karev

Before there was the 2007 hit Zodiac starring Jake Gyllenhaal, there was 2005’s The Zodiac, which is also based on the infamous Zodiac Killer of the 1960s.

19) Quarantine (2008)

Starring: Greg Germann aka Dr Tom Koracick

A reporter and cameraman are trapped in a quarantined building when a virus is spreading.

20) Child’s Play 2 (1990)

Starring: Greg Germann aka Dr Tom Koracick

Chucky continues to chase after Andy.

21) The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations (2009)

Starring: Chris Carmack aka Dr Atticus Lincoln

The Butterfly Effect 3 is about a man using his powers to time travel to solve the murder of his girlfriend.

22) Prisoner (2007)

Starring: Kim Raver aka Dr Teddy Altman

A Hollywood director is taken prisoner while scouting a remote prison.

How many of these films have you seen? Let us know in the comments and on our social media! You can also let us know if we missed any, and if you want to see lists like this for any other tv shows!

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