Bloody Streaming Roulette: The Last Days (2013)

For all the boils and ghouls playing along with me at home, I’ve had quite the winning streak as of late. As with any gamble, I am doomed to fail again eventually. It’s a mathematical certainty. Last week I gambled and won with 2016’s Beyond the Gates. It was a delightfully bloody throwback to the VHS era horror films of the mid 1980’s. So where will the bloody roulette table take me this week?


The Last Days (2013)

Set in Barcelona, Spain, this film takes us into the aftermath of a disease that has afflicted the entire world. Not much is known of this disease other than it is only referred to as ‘the panic’. Where an overwhelming fear of wide open spaces occurs. People become afraid to go outdoors. Within minutes of being outside, victims succumb to panic-induced heart attacks. Marc (Quim Gutierrez) was separated from his girlfriend Julia (Marta Etura) during the outbreak. How can Marc overcome the stresses of the panic and still find his love? What lengths will he go to, to reunite with the mother of his still unborn child?

The Last Days is essentially a survival film. We follow a pair of otherwise complete strangers, banding together to help one another find a loved one. Guided only by a GPS with its battery dying and a flashlight, they navigate subway tunnels and sewers to avoid the outdoors. As with any post-apocalyptic survival film they face their share of adversaries. A hungry bear from the zoo, but most of the enemies they run into are human. Showing once again, that humanity is the scariest monster.

This movie is not a typical horror film. IMDb classifies it as an Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi. I don’t really agree with this classification. Adventure yes. Horror and science fiction, not so much. Last Days is a look into the good of humanity, when everything in the world has gone to shit. What would a good, decent person do at the end of times? They wouldn’t pillage, rape or kill. They would struggle through day to day.

How horrific humanity can actually be. I think that is where the horror in this film comes in. Last Days is not for everyone. While I was watching it, I recalled the earlier ‘better’ seasons of The Walking Dead. Emotional and genuine interpersonal dialogue. No filler dialogue from two characters no one gives a shit about. The actors’ portrayals in Last Days really hooked you in. Their emotion was undeniable.

As I said, this flick is not really a true horror film. But, surviving a world such as this would be horrific. I believe that is enough justification. If you like good movies, are not thrown off by subtitles, you will find enjoyment in this flick. It’s dark, bleak and hopeless. That’s a scary feeling. Last Days was a really fucking good movie, that left me truly overcome with joy with the hopefulness of the ending.

I win again! I am unstoppable!!!

IMDb: 6.2/10

ZombiSurvivor: 7.6/10

Check out the panic-inducing trailer below!!!!

Thanks boils and ghouls and remember…









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