Bloody Streaming Roulette: The Windmill (2016)


After taking a much-needed break from Bloody Streaming Roulette, my batteries have had a chance to recharge and I am ready to go! There are hundreds of films out there to take a gamble on, so I need to get back to fucking work. My last BSR, a month ago was a winner. The Silenced (2015) was spooky and surprisingly good for such a slow evolving film. I fully recommend it for horror fans that love Asian supernatural films. It’s currently streaming on Netflix. For those that follow along, I am currently on a two film winning streak. Can I land on a third? Let’s find out!


The Windmill (2016)

The film begins in the historic city of Amsterdam. Where eight strangers meet for a scenic bus ride through the countryside of Holland, with stops at many historic windmills in the region. Everything seemed to be going great, until the bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere. With no cell phone service, the strangers are forced to begin looking for help and come upon what seemed to be an abandoned windmill. What started out as an innocent tourist trip, quickly turned into a night none the ill-fated strangers may survive, when a strange figure begins stalking them one by bloody one.

As with all my Bloody Streaming Roulettes, I knew nothing about the plot going into this film. Only that it had been recently added to Netflix. But The Windmill really surprised me. What started out as a typical slasher flick, with a dark-masked figure only known as “The Miller” killing his victims at will. The movie swiftly evolved into a supernatural nightmare. Steeped in European legend and lore, this is a rare type of horror film that cannot be classified by any one sub-genre.

Also known as The Windmill Massacre, it stars a group of mostly unheard-of actors over here in the states. But the acting was extremely strong from the entire cast. Adam Thomas Wright (Altar, The Awakening) portrayed young Curt, the boy with an inconvenient medical condition very well. I think we’ll see his name in horror again. “The Miller” played by Kenan Raven (Kill Zombie!), was menacing and completely ruthless as the masked murderer. Jennifer, played by Charlotte Beaumont (Jupiter Ascending) was riveting as the young and troubled lead with a sordid past. I was mesmerized by her performance.

In his first full-length feature film, director Nick Jongerius completely nailed this flick. Creating tension and keeping it the entire time. Jongerius worked as a producer on one of my favorite horror movies in recent years, with 2013’s Frankenstein’s Army. So, he’s definitely been around the horror movie block before. He is yet another young director in my ever-growing list of filmmakers to look out for in the genre.

There are dozens of horror films I have been wanting to land on for my BSR. But I am glad I landed on this one. Based off the description of the alone, I would’ve otherwise scrolled past it without a second thought. Probably never watched it. This is the point of Bloody Streaming Roulette boils and ghouls. Sometimes, you have to just go into to the unknown and hope for the best.

With The Windmill (2016), I fortunately got the best….


IMDb: 4.8/10 (Way too FUCKING low)

ZombiSurvivor: 7.0/10


Thanks for reading and remember to…



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