Halloween, Blumhouse and John Carpenter

Big news came in last night, right as I was shutting everything down for the night and heading to bed.  Halloween is coming to Blumhouse, along with John Carpenter.  Blumhouse has brought to life some of the newer and more terrifiing films in horror over the last few years.  Films like, the Paranormal Activity series, the Insidious series, Sinister, the Purge, Oculus and many more.  It feels fitting that Blumhouse will be bringing us the next installment in the Halloween series.  Possibly even sweeter, John Carpenter is coming back as Creative Consultant and Executive Producer.  What does that mean?  I do not know, but it feels like Halloween is in good hands with Blumhouse and one of the original writers and the original director, John Carpenter.

From John Carpenter:

“HALLOWEEN needs to return to its traditions,” Carpenter said. “I feel like the movies have gotten away from that… Michael is not just a human being; he’s a force of nature, like the wind. That’s what makes him so scary.”

He is right, 100%!  Rob Zombie…robbed Halloween and Michael Myers of a few things, he wasn’t scary.  He was a kid from an abusive household, who was bullied and had a stripper for a mother.  Rob Zombie gave too much back story to a character known originally as “the Shape”.  Zombie gave Myers a face and a reason.  Halloween does need to return to its traditions, stalking baby-sitters or going after his family, which changed with the final sequel of the originals series.


To me, this is exciting news.  I am a guy who loves the series and I have been waiting for a good Halloween movie since 1995.  I love Halloween 6: the Curse of Michael Myers.  I am not a fan of H20 or Resurrection and I have spoken out against Rob Zombie’s Halloween films more than once.  But what do others from the Horror Syndicate think?

Mike Annerino:

Just let this series die. I love Pinhead, Michael Myers, Freddy and Jason, but they had their time. It’s time to move on. Let’s get some new slashers out there. We’ve got the Collector and even Jigsaw, do something with them and stop fucking up these classic slashers.

Jared Letourneau :

Carpenter involved again? Great news. Still one of my favorite directors.  Appears to be good news if Carpenter is on board… IMO Zombie set the franchise back. There was no growth with his movies. One was a rehash, the second one was quite weird, but I enjoyed that one…

Morgan Jewel Sawan:

I just saw a post about this in a film group I’m in and those people did not seem too happy about it lol

I always feel a little worried when sequels or remakes are announced, but I don’t know why because I like them 99% of the time lol

Ray Cannella :

Yawn…they are still beating this dead horse. Shame. Do you guys know how many times I’ve read this bullshit over the course of 38 years? “We’re going to make the scariest Halloween film yet”! Sure you are…

Ray Marek:

I am very happy, considering most of the recent horror success seems to be coming from Blumhouse and I am a fan of most of their movies.
Some fan boys whine about everything, believe me…I am a huge comic book fan and it is a nightmare when casting announcments come down for comic book heroes

However you feel, this is happening and to me, if feels better than everything I heard about the purposed sequel, Halloween Returns.  I also want to state, John Carpenter coming back does not mean he is the franchise savoir.  From what I understand, like Wes Craven, he did not care for the sequels at all.  So, I suspect were going to see an updated remake of the original story.  If that is true, fine.  I just don’t want anymore sequel skipping or bizarre trashy remakes.  I hope this movie wipes the stain of Rob Zombie’s Halloween out of our minds.

I know there are fans of the Rob Zombie Halloween and that is fine, everyone has an opinion, but I am stating mine.  The Rob Zombie Halloween films are terrible and disrespectful of the Halloween series.

What do you want to see from a new Halloween, a remake or a sequel?  How about, a remake then go ahead with the idea of making the series an anthology series, as it was originally planned.

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