The 13th Friday the 13th Film

Well…It would really only be the 10th Friday the 13th film, with the title Friday the 13th.   But we count Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X and Freddy vs Jason.  So, it would be the 13th.  

It has been 13 years since the release of 2009’s Friday the 13th. The film is devisive among the Friday the 13th fans for some reason. I liked the movie enough and hoped got a sequel. But looking back on a movie that was released in 2009 and made over $90 million at the box office. Rotten Tomatoes has a score of 26%, but what did you expect from a Friday the 13th remake? I think most of us expected a sequel to follow this effort and what we got, 13 years without a sequel. There was once an announced sequel for 2010, but it was scrapped in December 2009.

Now, there are plenty of reasons why, the lawsuit that has dragged on for 4 or 5 years is probably the biggest reason we haven’t seen a new movie and the 2010s is now the first decade without a Friday the 13th since the 1970s, before the original was even released.  Rumor has it, there may be some kind of announcement by the end of 2022.  Well, the lawsuit needs to be settled first, so we will see and we will keep you updated.

There have been rumblings over the years of a “found footage” film or a series on the CW(no thank you), even Tom McLoughlin direct sequel to his film Jason Lives. In beginning 2017 a rash of fan films were released, Never Hike Alone, Voorhees and Vengeance to name a few. We even got this absolutely amazing video game. The fan base for Friday the 13th was foaming at the mouth for more. But the lawsuit has killed everything and until the two sides figure it out, the fan base is left with 12 movies, some really bad fan films, other than Never Hike Alone and the 2017 video game. Sure it sounds like plenty. But a good chunk of us grew up in the 80s when a new Friday the 13th came out nearly every single year and we loved the excess.

The Halloween series will reach it’s 13th film in October. This was a series that looked dead in the water after 2009’s Halloween II from Rob Zombie.

So, I ask this, a few things.

Where is the 13th Friday the 13th?

What do we want from the next Friday the 13th?

If you sit and think about it, there are plenty of options. Let’s go over the options

1. A second remake. Not what I’d like to see.

2. A sequel to the remake. That ship has sailed.

3. A sequel to an existing film. That is my option.

I select option 3 because why not?  Halloween has found success by skipping over every single sequel and started a fourth different timeline to follow.  I feel like Friday the 13th really excelled at being of the 1980s and being a period piece.  Jason Voorhees belongs in the 1980s.  We’ve seen successful projects take place and capture the look and feel that goes beyond music in the 1980s.  Stranger Things I’m looking st you.

Originally, many years ago I wrote a fan fiction treatment called, “Friday the 13th IX The Return to Camp Blood”. The idea was to take place after Jason Takes Manhattan, in 1999.  Jason was to return to Crystal Lake which had changed and become a tourist attraction filled with ghost hunters and people trying to channel the spirit of Pamela and uncover the hidden mystery of why Crystal Lake was Cursed.  Jason would arrive and well, go to work.

I’ve kind of abandon that idea in favor of another and timeline be damned.  According to Tommy Jarvis in Jason Lives, it takes place in 1990.  Final Chapter taking place about 5 years after Pamela’s death in 1979.  If we’re to believe Tommy Jarvis is in his late teens by 1990.  Well the timeline is funky, seriously funky.  So let’s not dig too deep into the timeline.  I’ve gotten off track.

So, I’d get rid of the numbered sequels and call the next film, Friday the 13th: The Return of Camp Blood.   It takes place after Jason Lives ignoring The New Blood and Jason Takes Manhattan.  That is my plan.  No Jason Goes to Hell or Jason X, pick up after one of the two best films in the franchise.

5 to 10 years later, Forest Green has reverted back to Crystal Lake with Jason being gone.  Construction has begun on new condos around the lake not far from where Jason was buried under water chained to a rock by Tommy Jarvis.  New buildings are planned for condos and a big fancy lake side retreat.  The hopes are to bring more money to Crystal Lake and put its old demons to bed once and for all.

A couple is out for a late night swim, skinny dipping of course when this awakens Jason from his rest and he grabs the man by his foot pulling him underwater.  Jason finds the strength to pull the rock attached to him to shore and uses it to crush the woman.  He is back.  

The following day, the body is discovered and we meet the main character, Robbie who remembers the legends of why Camp Crystal Lake couldn’t reopen in the 1960s and 1970s leading up to Pamela and Jason.  Robbie works for the company who is building these new condos.  Jason shows up at the construction site and massacres the crew.  Robbie gets away and Jason follows him and Robbie leads Jason to the recently open new Camp Crystal Lake.  

So, that is the idea I have and I will leave it at that.  I’d like to do other articles likes this.  What happens after Halloween Ends, or more of my ideas for a new Elm Street film.  I’d really like to discuss The Texas Chainsaw Massacre at some point.  Some of these long dormant classic horror series.  Just let me know if you’re interested in hearing more ideas from a horror fan.

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