Bloody Streaming Roulette: The Invitation (2015)

It’s commonplace in sports, for a team that’s on a winning streak to eventually lose steam and be brought back down to earth. Because eventually that team will lose. This is no different with my Bloody Streaming Roulette boils and ghouls. I was in the midst of an epic winning streak, only to have my high hopes shattered with mediocrity. Shivers (1975) was a good film, but it was also a mediocre film. So now I drudge back to the roulette wheel to see what this week’s game of chance will be.


The Invitation (2016)

Will (Logan Marshall-Green) and his girlfriend Kira (Emayatzy Corinealdi) receive a dinner party invitation at Will’s ex-wife’s house. Despite the awkward invite, they decide to attend. Everything is going swimmingly, Will is enjoying memories, drinks and jokes with old friends. As the night progresses, he begins to believe his ex-wife and her new husband may have dark motives for the dinner group. Is it all in his head or is there something sinister in the works?

The Invitation is a real slow burn. Where we as viewers, are almost guests at this party. The film paces slowly and dully for the first act. Then the tension is constantly raised, aided by Will’s fragmented memories. Where fear and paranoia take over the fun times. There is never really a lull in the plot from this point on, especially with the addition of two mysterious strangers to keep the viewer guessing as to what’s really going on. Which leads to my biggest positive for the film, the actors’ character portrayals. Marshall-Green truly exhibits why he is an actor to watch in the future. His performance was quite impressive, as he showed a wide range of ability. It was refreshing to see an actor surprise me by his performance and destroy meager expectations.

Since the Invitation is currently streaming on Netflix and can be found in the horror section, it’s pretty safe to say that the party hosts have some ulterior motives. That’s not much of a spoiler. But, it’s how the movie progresses to this revelation that is the crowning achievement. Fueled with Will’s delusions and paranoia, none of the other guests seem to believe him. Just when you think he is the one that’s finally going to go ballistic, the movie flips a 180 and gives us a wonderfully bloody finale.


“WHAT THE HELL?! HOW?!” – Morgan Jewel Sawan, The Horror Syndicate


Vaguely and yet poignantly pointed out by our young Millennial Morgan, her response above alludes to the wild and bloody finish. Which will surely make most horror fans happy they stuck around after the first hour. This film does has it’s faults. Slowness and a few plot holes, But otherwise a great entry to the genre.


IMDb: 6.7/10

ZombiSurvivor: 7.6/10


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