Bloody Streaming Roulette

The Horror Syndicate has recently been branching out with segment articles. To find that certain something for everyone. Our Millennial Morgan has an up and coming segment, where she plays ‘Catch-Up’ with some of the genres’ classics. RayZor unleashed our new ‘Horror Icon’ segment with a great piece on “The Modern Zombie” and Mike recently introduced his ‘Dumpster Dive’ segment, where he randomly searches out weird, obscure or hard to find titles. So now it’s my turn for a new segment at the Syndicate.

It is a blind eye game. A game I like to call Bloody Streaming Roulette. Where I will randomly scroll through the titles with my eyes closed, where I’ll stop, nobody knows…. For my introductory review of Bloody Streaming Roulette, the film comes from the juggernaut streaming service, Netflix. Filled with horror’s winners and losers and there are so many movies to pick from. Luck’s bound to be on my side…..  Right?

Time to place my bet…


Where did I land?


Big Bad Wolves (2013)

I had actually heard rumblings of this film before tonight’s viewing. In 2013, Quentin Tarantino was quoted as saying “This is the best film of the year”. A quote like that, coming from such a remarkable and respected storyteller, I don’t really have an answer for you as to why it has taken me so long to see this. I should probably be punched in the nuts pronto.

The film begins in the midst of a horrific crime scene. Israeli police are investigating the death of a young girl who has been violently murdered. This sets off a roller coaster ride of horrific intrigue, where the young girls’ distraught father and a renegade police officer “unofficially” align together. Seeking out the prime suspect of a series of recent child murders. The two men step outside the lines of law and order. To get the truth by any means necessary from the accused. But do they have the right man?big2

The film is from Israel, so the dialogue is all in Hebrew. If you don’t mind the subtitles, you’re golden. Netflix and IMDB call this flick a thriller. To me, it’s a horror/drama. It is a very slow and dramatic character portrayal of loss and subsequent rage and methodical revenge. The camera never shied away from the gruesome moments. This film is so articulately shot, the camera work, excellent. The slow tone throughout really makes the climax in the third act really worth while.


The directors did a great job, of really helping me identify with all the characters. The accusers and the accused alike. A dis-heartened father that lost his baby girl, the lead detective on the aforementioned case that feels truly responsible for the girl’s death and a Hebrew school teacher insistently pleading his innocence. You don’t know who to root for. I really enjoyed this film.

So now it is time to see if my gamble paid off.

Am I a Winner or am I a Loser?

netflix roulette


This week I’m a WINNER! Stay tuned next Friday and see if my luck continues!

IMDB: 6.8/10

ZombiSurvivor: 7.2/10


If you’re still curious how this twisted madness will end, as I said above it is currently streaming on Netflix.

As Always…. Thanks for letting me blab on and on about stuff!



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