Every Death in the Scream Movies Ranked: Tier List

The newest entry into my favorite horror franchise, Scream 6, is available for rent and purchase on digital platforms, and streaming on Paramount + today! To celebrate, I’m ranking every death in the Scream movies, including the ones in Six so, warning: spoilers ahead!

Yes, that’s right, the deaths, not the kills. I decided to rank them using Tier Maker. Tier Maker is a website that has a template to rank anything you want, within your own categories. You’re sure to have seen floating around the internet somewhere, like maybe in Possessed By Horror’s YouTube videos!

Also, I am including the Stab deaths from the beginning of Scream 4, as well as Kirby, since we thought they were real as we watched them happen.

Now, let’s get into it! My categories are as follows:

NOOO WHY?: The deaths that had me the saddest, and I wish didn’t happen. Some of these are unanimously favorite characters, others are just my personal favorites, but all of their deaths are very brutal, which makes them all the more sad.

You deserved better!!: these characters were taken from us too soon, but… it is what it is. Some of these are characters that I loved and wish would’ve had more screen time, but didn’t necessarily want them to survive. While, others were just plagued with unfairly harsh, and/or quick deaths, that they didn’t even have a chance to escape from. For example, those poor random civilians and workers in the Bodega in Scream 6. I honestly kind of feel worse for them than any other characters in the franchise because they didn’t even know the characters, and still tried to help them when they were caught in the crosshairs of Ghostface’s wrath. Some characters are in this category for a combination of those two reasons, like Liv from Scream 5.

RIP: It was sad to see them go, but we didn’t HATE to watch them leave. These characters were likable, but these are slasher movies after all, so people have to die, and I’m okay with it being them.

I couldn’t care less: This one’s pretty self explanatory. This category is for the characters whose fate you didn’t care about, one way or the other. You weren’t sad or happy when they died. Whether you just didn’t care for them for no particular reason, their character wasn’t very developed or was very minor, their death was off screen, or any other reason you might have for feeling completely indifferent about their death.

I’m sorry, but I don’t feel bad: While I put only a couple of characters in this category, it didn’t feel right to put them in the category before or after this one, so I had to make them their own. I didn’t feel apathetic about their deaths, but I didn’t necessarily want them to die or cheer for them either.

And lastly, That’s what you get!!: The characters who got what was coming to them. Spoiler alert: I put only killers in this category… but not all of the killers are in this category, so at least there’s that.

In my tier chart, I did rank each character within the categories they’re placed in as well.

Now time for the big reveal. Drum roll, please!

You can also rank the characters for yourself, here. If you do, be sure to share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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