Fan Made Resident Evil is in the Works!

Remember when Resident Evil 2 reboot was announced and Capcom ordered a seize and desist against that fan made Resident Evil 2 that was all over YouTube? Well, Residence of Evil, the ultimate Resident Evil group on YouTube partnered up with the original programmer,Moon Glint the same guy who was ordered to stop his fan made RE2. The game is simply titled Residence of a Evil. Residence of Evil will bring back all of that old school gameplay, puzzle searching and isolation as you choose a different character( one of the developers from Residence of Evil YouTube page)  for each scenario. Check out their video which was release today. As a die-hard classic Resident Evil fan this excites me and I hope yo are excited too. Residence of Evil will be free to play on PC but no word when the release date will be. In the meantime, follow Residence of Evil on Youtube, check out Moon Glint’s Resident Evil 2 reboot that was killed by Capcom ( we are still waiting for the official Resident Evil 2 reboot, Capcom!) subscribe to their channels for future news. I am looking forward to Residence of Evil being the old school Resident Evil fan that I am today!


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