Artist Spotlight: Chris Enterline

We are going to have to attach a name to this interview.  Chris Enterline is the artist resposinble for the web comic series, Cenobun.  So, Mike Lombardo is the writer, yes that Mike Lombardo, the director of I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday.  Sorry Chirs, we had to mention Mike.

I ended up becoming friends with Chris on Facebook, we talked comics and followed each other’s posts.  I really noticed his talents while he was doing work in progress updates on a Pennywise picture and an Alien/Predator picture.  We talked about maybe one day working on a comic together.  We are both fans of comics, I write and he illustrates, so maybe one day we can make that happen.  Until then, we asked him a few questions, enjoy.

The Horror Syndicate: You do all kinds of work, not strictly horror, what brings you back to do horror work?

Chris Enterline: I find horror to be the most emotionally reachable art style to create.  We live in a world where there’s a lot of scary stuff going on in it.  It’s relatable. There’s no rules to it. Horror doesn’t always mean scary to me, it’s subjective, so I like to challenge what my idea of horror is.  It’s also incredibly fun to draw the craziest things my mind can imagine.

THS: What materials do you use and what is the process?

CE: I like to use whatever medium feels right for what I’m trying to create.  I usually end up doing most of my work digitally because it’s the most cost-effective.  I tend to make a rough sketch that, from what I’m told only I can understand.  Then once I start to see the form in what I’m doing, I just block it out in paint or I ink in clean lines.  I usually can visualize ideas pretty easily in my head, I just have to translate the image onto paper or screen in the most appealing way I can.

THS: What other work have you done that is not Horror related?

CE: I’ve done a few posters, commissions, and comic books. I’m working on a comic right now that I can’t really say much about, but it’s going to be pretty exciting.

THS: If someone wants something special, do you typically take submissions and what kind of price range are you usually asking, for like a pin-up?

CE: It’s getting harder for me to take commissions as I move through the art industry.  Work tends to come at me by the boatload.  If I do have the time, or the commission seems interesting enough, I try to fit it into my schedule.  My prices vary from job to job, so it’s pretty hard to give any kind of number.

THS: What is your favorite Horror movie or movies?

CE: I’ve always absolutely loved the Alien franchise.  I know a lot of people will argue that it’s more sci-fi than horror, but like I said, horror is subjective and I was always terrified of having a chestburster inside of me as a kid.  Another couple of favorites for me is the House on Haunted Hill remake and 13 Ghosts.  I’m not a fan of the low budget movies that seem to be popular.


THS: Are you going to be at any horror conventions 2018?

CE: I will!  I will be at Scares that Care in Williamsburg, Virginia this year.  I’ve gone for the past two years and it’s just a great place to network and I spend the weekend hanging out with the celebrities and friends that attend. It’s also for a great cause, so if you go, look for me!  I might have a table.

THS: Do you have anything in the pipeline you can tell us about?

CE: I’m working on two comic books at the moment.  It kind of sucks that I can’t really say much about them because of legal stuff, but I promise that both are amazing. They’re a ways out though.  I have some book covers popping up here and there sporadically, and I’m working on Cenobun with Mike Lombardo, which you can checkout over at it’s own facebook page, and

THS: Is there any way someone could order a print of your work?

CE: There is!  You can find my work at  I don’t have a direct shopping cart set up, but I do have a way to contact me directly through the website.  I have a bunch of prints of my work, and I’m happy to ship them out to a happy home.

You can keep up to date with whatever I’ve got going on across a few social media platforms-  I’m on instagram, @enterlinedraws, and I’m on twitter @artsyenterline.

Thanks Chris for taking the time to answer some of our questions.  Keep up the good work and hopefully we will bump in to you at a convention at some point.  Keep up the great work!

Check out some of Chris’s work below.  Please don’t steal his art.

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