Feels Like A Long Time Coming: Night of the Demons Trilogy Coming

There are three Night of the Demons films. So yeah, it’s a trilogy. But, Night of the Demons 3 hasn’t been very available and now thanks to Scream Factory were getting 2 and 3 and the original film 4k.

They’re all available with little to no information. But, you can pre-order here.


Your reward for surviving the night in Hull House is NIGHT OF THE DEMONS coming to 4K along with NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2 & 3 coming to Blu-ray on October 3! Join Angela for not one but three unforgettable evenings! Get a bundle featuring posters and alternate slipcovers with new art from Joel Robinson, a retro prism sticker and enamel pins from Gutter Garbs and artist Matthew Skiff, and lobby cards from Beyond Horror Design.

Pre-order #NightOfTheDemons 1-3: https://bit.ly/3rXFNRZ

That’s all we got. Hopefully these “Collector’s Editons” of Night of the Demons 2 & 3 aren’t bare bones, especially for nearly 40 bucks each for Blu Ray. Come on Scream Factory, drop that price.

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