Before Saw there was CUBE


Wanna Play a Game? Before the Saw franchise was even a thought, Filmmaker Vincenzo Natali and writer André Bijelic brought us a low-budget survival horror CUBE.image CUBE was a shot in Canada on a shoe-string budget and takes place inside a giant room-size cube where 7 strangers (each named after a prison) find themselves in locked inside with only 6 escape doors (a door on each wall, ceiling and floor). The concept is simple,find your way out of the cube. The only problem with that is that each door leads to another room that is the same as before…… ANOTHER CUBE.

imageDon’t mind the acting here for the movie itself is one hell of a thrill ride. Cube was followed by a sequel and a prequel. Also, avoid Cube2:Hypercube but watch Cube Zero for the awesome deaths and twist ending!

Check out the awesome death scenes *spoilers ahead* in all Cube movies.

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