Double Feature Friday: Halloween H20 (1998) and Halloween Resurrection (2002)

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It has been a while since the last Double Feature Friday.  It was back in June and I covered Psycho II and Psycho III.  I also covered Halloween 4 and Halloween 5 back in May.

These two films I am actually not a big fan of, let me explain both films.

Lets start with Halloween Resurrection

First off, it strays way far off from what drives Michael Myers.  Halloween Resurrection is about these students who have to survive a night in the Myers house with Busta Rhymes and the entire night will be broadcast on the internet.  Oh and it is Halloween!  Michael Myers, I guess is back from his California(H20) trip and getting territorial over his old house.  This makes no sense, he always was after family, not random idiots.  This was just one last shot at milking an already used up franchise and bringing it into the new millennium, it didn’t work.  If you ever have a Halloween marathon, skip this piece of crap.  That is just what it is, not scary and completely ridiculous, although you see Busta Rhymes dressed like Michael Myers, yelling at Michael Myers.  Not to mention, Busta Rhymes tries to fight Michael Myers.


I always thought there were more ways to go with the series after this film, but honestly it should be cut out along with the Rob Zombie films.  Also pick up the other timeline left off from Halloween Curse of Michael Myers.  But they went this route.  It killed the franchise and the Rob Zombie remake came shortly after.  Halloween Resurrection is the weakest movie in the original series of 8.  Part of the issue, his story meant to be closed out in H20, but they needed more money.  Jamie Lee Curtis came back for her fourth Halloween and her…spoiler, death was the best part of the movie and it was about 10 minutes in.

Overall, it is still pretty entertaining and worth a watch again.  It goes hand in hand with Halloween H20. has a rating of 4.1

While entertaining, it is not good 5.0 even for me.

Halloween H20, or 20 years later, is a sad attempt to bring Jamie Lee Curtis back to roots.  The movie centers around her and her fear of Halloween, makes sense.  She is now has a great career as headmistress at Hillcrest Academy High School and things are good.  Then her damned brother had to come back and ruin things, try to kill her and her son and all of his friends.  When I saw the film, it was ok and I was glad to see another Halloween film.  But the story is bad and they used like 8 or 9 masks, including the terrible CGI mask.  I just did not like this film and if Laurie Strode needed to come back, she should have died in this film, that was Resurrections only saving grace, the death of Laurie Strode was actually pretty cool.  I hate these films ignore Jamie Lloyd ever existed.  Halloween 4 and 5 are superior films.

Both of these films are forgettable entries into the franchise, people don’t like Halloween Curse of Michael Myers, but I think it is better than the two of these films.  Plus it is connected to the Jamie Lloyd story line which I like.  Again, they are still entertaining and forgettable.  H20 does not even have the “Halloween” vibe.  Moving the location was a mistake, but I for the story is was necessary.  The ending of the movie had a bit of the feeling of the original, but the characters, for the most part, were throw away characters that I did not care about.  The music was bizarre and not good…I don’t know why this movie is well received.

I am not a fan, but try watching H20 and Resurrection…It seems when a Halloween movie is made, there is a follow-up and they are…kind of in pairs.  Halloween 6, doesn’t has a follow-up and it is too far from Halloween 5. has a rating of 5.7

This movie angered me and I have it at 5.4

Try this, watch Halloween, Halloween II, H20 and Resurrection.  Then watch Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween 4 and Halloween 5.  Tell me which timeline you like better.  Hell, have you ever watched all 8 movies in a row.  Well, you could skip three as it does not fit in the “Myers” Timeline.  All 7 movies in a row, it is actually a good time.  One of these days I will have to do that again.

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