Invasion Of The Body Snatchers [Collector’s Edition] 8/2/16

Scream Factory announced a new title coming to its, already amazing collection and I am excited.  Invasion of the Body Snatchers is getting the Scream Factory treatment, HELL YES!

No real information on special features has been released.  I am sure we are going to get an amazing release as usual.  Here is what we know from Scream Factory’s Facebook and website.

From Scream Factory-

We’re thrilled to start the month by announcing that the classic 1978 INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS remake will be getting the “Collector’s Edition” Blu-ray treatment! Street date is August 2nd.

Specs and extras (both new and existing) will be announced sometime in June. The newly-designed front-facing artwork you see here is final (not pictured is the reverse wrap image which will showcase the original theatrical poster art.)

Early pre-order now directly from us @…/invasion-of-the-body-snatche… and receive a free 18″ x 24″ poster of the new art (while supplies last – only 500 will be printed) plus early shipping!


“A science fiction horror fable… it may be the best film of its kind ever made!” – Pauline Kael, The New Yorker

Under cover of darkness, while an unsuspecting city sleeps, an alien life form begins to sow the seeds of unspeakable terror. Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adams, Leonard Nimoy, Veronica Cartwright and Jeff Goldblum star in this shocking, “first-rate suspense thriller” (Newsday).

One by one, the residents of San Francisco are becoming drone-like shadows of their former selves. As the phenomenon spreads, two Department of Health workers, Matthew (Sutherland) and Elizabeth (Adams), uncover the horrifying truth: Mysterious pods are cloning humans — and destroying the originals! The unworldly invasion grows stronger with each passing minute, hurling Matthew and Elizabeth into a desperate race to save not only their own lives, but the future of the entire human race.

We look forward to hearing more from Scream Factory very soon, but get over there and pre-order your copy of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, one of THE BEST remakes of all time.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers will be released August 2nd, 2016.

Amazing Cover Art
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