It Chapter Two Blu Ray coming December 10

IT (2017) was huge and mad a ton of money, $700 million.  Chapter 2 was released at the beginning of September and this one did not make as much money, not sure why.  It continued the story from the first, but it was longer and not as good.  It did make an obscene amount of money, $457 million, obscene for a horror movie anyway.  So, just over 3 months after its release it is coming out.

This release seems to be the single movie itself.  Not a combo, which I think a bunch of us expected.  But, there are rumors we could get a 6 hour extended super cut of IT, both chapters 1 and 2.  As of now, I have no clue if this is coming.  But, it would be cool, I seriously doubt I would sit through all 6 hours very often.  But, this will be something for the collectors for sure.

Anyway, IT Chapter 2 is coming to digital November 19th and 4K, Blu Ray and probably DVD on December 10th, just in time for Christmas, I guess.

Check out some of the cover options, included is an exclusive steelbook from Best Buy.

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