Night of the Living Dead 50th Anniversary Blu-ray in October

If you missed the news.  Night of the Living Dead is getting a Blu Ray release from Mill Creek.  It is being dubbed the 50th Anniversary edition, but it comes about 3 months too early.  It doesn’t matter, it seems that we are getting a new Blu Ray release for the horror classic.

With that said, this is an edition for collectors and people who do not want to wait for the 4k digital restoration that will be theatrically released in October.

I will buy this edition, I do not personally own a copy of Night of the Living Dead on Blu Ray, so this will probably do for me.  I will add it to my five or six other editions.  This edition also comes with a digital copy, so…Yes please!

Will you buy this edition of Night of the Living Dead?  Look for it October 3rd.

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