Retro Review: Amityville 3D (1983)

The haunted house sub-genre of horror.  There are so many who have tried to make a successful haunted house movie.  With the Amityville Horror being a big success, the sequels would soon follow.  By 1983, the second sequel was released, just over one year after the second movie was released.  The sequel to the Amityville Horror works more as a prequel/sequel as it somewhat tells the story of the DeFeo murders, putting a supernatural spin on the case.

Amityville 3D is also known as Amityville III:the Demon.  We follow John Baxter into the house, where he and his “wife” meet with a couple who helps them contact their dead son.  Little does the couple know, John’s wife is his photographer and they are doing a story to uncover some con artists who us the 112 Ocean Ave house to influence people.  The couple is run out of the house.


John and his partner return with the landlord and he convinces John to buy the house, cheap.  John is a complete skeptic and does not believe in haunted houses.  He moves in and gives a room to his daughter.  His partner eventually comes to the house to meet him and she gets freaked out and eventually haunted.  She is so scared of the house, she believes a demon lies within the house and she tries to convince John.  She is driving to see John to warn him and her car starts on fire and she dies.

One day John’s daughter brings some friends over and they use a homemade Ouija board who warns John’s daughter Susan she is in danger.  She gets upset by this and they go outside in John’s boat.  Shortly Susan’s mother comes and sees Susan walking up the stairs to the house, she is soaking wet.  Soon after we see her friends pulling her lifeless body from the boat.  Susan’s mother does not believe she is dead.  John invites some paranormal investigators to the house to help prove if Nancy, Susan’s mother, actually saw something or not.  We see a purple orb lead her to the basement as one of the paranormal investigators is pulled into a well by a demon.  The house explodes and this ends the Amityville trilogy…


Until Patty Duke comes back in the 4th installment.

So, yeah, that is the story of the movie.  It is very, very boring and it should be the final Amityville movie.  Its not, there are 12 more.  The only one I remember, that is worth watching was called Amityville 1992: It’s About Time.  After the 3D, the take place outside of the house.  Something from the house is possessed and haunted the people.  Amityville 5, I do not remember at all, but reading about it, makes me want to watch it again.  Back in the good ole days, I would rent the Evil Escapes, 5 and The Next Generation and marathon the series.  I owned the first 3 and 1992.  Which, oddly enough is what I have now, along with the remake, starring Ryan Reynolds.

Amityville 3D, you want my review, it was a boring movie that is not scary.  There are moments we think this could work, but it doesn’t.  It also falls victim of the 3D gimmicks used in other movies, Jaws 3D, Friday the 13th 3D.  There are creepy moments in the movie, like when Susan is in two places at once, otherwise the movie falls flat. has a rating of 4.0 and I rate Amityville 3D with a 4.4.

The house at 112…108 Ocean Ave is up for sale, would you like to move in?



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