Review: Haunt (2013)

I ran across this little gem on Netflix the other night, it is a ghost story that doesn’t pull punches, the ghost is right there in you face, yet it does not feel overly done.

One thing that most ghost movies have either against them or for them is the amount of effects used, what kind (practical vs CGI), and how they are applied.

First thing, this movie has a great beginning sequence, the woman who narrates at the start has a chilling voice, even if it is a bit obvious that she is intentionally being that way. Also, in that sequence, the visuals are piled on but in a manner that helps set the pace.

The story starts as we see the demise of a member of the last family to live in the house, he is using a device to contact his lost loved ones, only to be struck down.  We then fast forward and a new family has bought the cursed Morello house, after a brief run it with Ms. Morello, the previous owner, they begin to go about their business. The story soon centers around the son, who has moved into the room that the previous son had lived in.

Deciding to go for a stroll, he happens upon Sam, a direct young woman who had come to the woods to escape her abusive father. The two become fast friends, and quickly become interested in the mysteries of the house, after finding the device that had been used by the previous owners, they try to contact the spirits in the house… That is when things get interesting.

What I love about this movie is it is not afraid to show the ghosts, because they are a good use of practical/CGI. Most films avoid showing the ghosts, and that is normally fine, because the ones that do show them almost always look awful. This film has a great spook factor that is only slightly diminished by the visuals, but is rewarding in the spirits themselves.

I ended up giving this a Rent, because I don’t think I will watch it now that I have seen the excellent ending. It is basically one shot deal, but then again, I have a low tolerance for re-watching movies.

Jacki Weaver does a great job as Ms. Morello, one of the creeper older women I have seen in a while. Other then that the movie is just very well done, and has enough surprises to keep me happy.

As all trailer risk showing you too much, watch at your own risk.

My Rating: 8/10

My suggestion: Rent

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