Review: Last Shift (2014)

So, we may be a little behind.  But what does it matter, horror movie are…forever!

If you have not taken the time to watch Last Shift, it is on Netflix.  A few months ago, I would go to Walmart and see it sitting in the horror DVD section and debate, “should I buy Last Shift?”  I never did, there was some regret for sure.  Now, I know for sure if it is worth owning.  Yes, I know, it is on Netflix and I can watch any time.  But I am a horror collector, so I still buy DVDs and Blu Ray.  

dFDcZDSjJrRf18uzSLSWmsTKWU1Officer Loren(Juliana Harkavy) is a rookie and about to begin her first shift as a police officer.  Her father was also a police officer, killed while on duty and her mother isn’t thrilled her daughter is a cop.  She pleads with Loren to not take the job.  There is a new station down the road, all of the 911 calls are being diverted to the new station.  She is there to wait for the HAZMAT team to come in and collect evidence that is difficult to dispose of.  Under no circumstances is she allowed to leave her post.  The Officer she is replacing, gives her the short tour and leaves her alone in the old station.  This is when things get interesting.  A homeless man gains access to the station and pees on the floor.  She receives and emergency phone call from a frantic young girl.  Every event escalates and happen more frequent.

Like I said, I have been wanted to see this, for maybe about 6 or 8 months.  I was not let down.  The atmosphere of the entire film is full of dread and even when it feels safe, you get turned on your head.  There are some moments that you will not expect to happen.  The entire movie is building, every “paranormal” event is stronger and has a strong effect on Officer Loren.  By the end of the movie she is broken.

I really liked Last Shift overall.  The pacing is slow, but you have to watch the entire screen, you never know what could pop up or happen.  The acting was decent, but where the movie gets you, atmosphere and some of the effects.  Key word for this one, dread.  Do I suggest this, yes.  If you plan to watch the Last Shift, do it and do it in the dark late at night.  Put down the cell phone and watch the film.  The only problem, it is a one time watch for me.  Watch it and let us know what you think, if you have seen Last Shift, still let us know.  I have come to trust Magnet Releasing for horror.

For you collectors, if you are one that buys it all, Last Shift will fit well into the collection.  I am not going to buy this, I do collect, but I like films that I can watch over and over.  I have bought plenty of one time watches, but usually happens when I buy without seeing the film first.

The Last Shift has a IMDB rating of 5.7, I rate it at 6.8.

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