Review: The Pumpkin Man (2023)


It’s closing in on spookie season and one of the best things about spookie season, Indie Halloween themed horror films films.  Scream Team Releasing delivers another such film, ready for pre-order and we have a review for you.  The Pumkin Man!


Cromwell is a town whose history is intertwined with that of a local legend; The Pumpkin Man. Most people don’t believe the tales, but when Catherine Quinn discovers the missing piece of the legend, she and her friends will come face to face with the Demon of Fall… Kürbis.

Indie films can be hit or miss.  They are usually extremely low budget with actors you’ve never heard of.  Not to mention, when you watch an Indie horror film you likely go in expecting it to be bad.  The Pumpkin Man is a delightful Halloween horror film that gives of Elm Street vibes.  There are moments of dream like situations that quickly turn from dream like to nightmares.   The Pumpkin Man aka Kürbis the Demon of Fall is terrifying and this film is a damn fun time. Oh an the costume of the titular character is rad as hell!

The film is steeped in lore thanks to a deep back story where the film begins. Set in Cromwell, we begin in 1790, Madame Olc writes what seems to be a journel about the Pumpkin Man which turns out to be grimoire to summon him, it seems she has sealed her fate. She buries the book.

The film flashes to the present day where we meet the lead of the film Catherine (Barabra Desa) and her friend Jenny. Catherine(Cat) seems to be up to no good as she is a very curious girl who seems to love the lore of the Pumpkin Man. With a few friends they eventually find and read from the grimoire which summons the Pumpkin Man aka Kürbis. Kürbis stalks and plays with those who summons him before he finally gets what he came for.

I dug this movie. I don’t buy all Indie horror movies I see, but this is getting purchases. It’s not an overly sexualized film which we see kind of often anymore. No, the Pumpkin Man is a horror film that has a story, lore and interesting characters. The synth score adds to the atmosphere that absolutely sets you right into the Halloween spirit.

I need to mention a few technical things I think are very strong in the film. The cinematography is very good as is the the lighting. The lighting really gives certain scenes its dream like quality. I feel like this crew and director Ryan Sheets could make an Elm Street film for sure. The way the set is lit, especially during the scenes we see The Pumpkin Man, really gave me Elm Street vibes and in a good way.

I do like the overall cast, some overacting and uneven moments do not take you out of the immersion. The lead, Barbara Desa is very good and at times great, I look forward to seeing more of her as well as Matthew Beaton who has this John Krasinski quality. But the cast is well put together and they do a fine job.

Overall I’d say The Pumpkin Man is going to make my Halloween watch list moving forward, with films like The Barn, the 10/31 Trilogy and the Witching Hour “series”, which we see the poster on Catherine’s wall, I loved that Easter Egg.

Give The Pumpkin Man a shot. I am being honest, I kind of loved this movie. If you love Indie Horror and you love Halloween, delve into the Legend of Kürbis the Demon of Fall.

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The Pumpkin Man on Blu Ray
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