The Horror of Toy Fair 2020

It’s that time of the year again when every toy collector realizes they are going to be broke the same as the year before

TOY FAIR!  First it is time to thank Toy Ark/TFW 2005 for getting the images that we are, borrowing.

Obviously we are covering the horror side of Toy Fair but not every single horror item, we’d be here all day. Instead, we’ll be covering the big horror company Neca and one company that came out of left field with figures and statues.

 – NECA –

Alien – 1979

All the Alien figures will be 7″ scale for the 3 Wave 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Series

  • Ash


  • Parker & Brett


  • Kane


  •  Dallas


  • Xenomorph – Bloody Variant

Alien – 1979 40th Anniversary figures are due in Q4

 They Live

  • John Nada – Due Q3

Scream (Ghost Face)

  • Ultimate – Due Q3

  • Cloth – Due Q2


  • Victor Crowley (Cloth) – Due Q3


  • Matin Brody & Quint – Due Q3

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

  • WB Tattoo Gremlin, Greta Gremlin, & Standard New Batch Gremlin – Due in Fall

  • Gremlin Egg

With this one, I’m guessing we will be getting some kind of accessory set or maybe it will come with a future Gremlin.

Toony Terrors (Series 4)

  •   Beetlejuice, Hatchet, Sam, & Regan – Due Q3

That’s everything for Neca in the horror realm

I’m beyond excited and also surprised by some of these announcements

Now for the company that came out of left field, Trick or Treat Studios and if your not familiar with them their area of operation is mainly masks.

However, lately, they have been diving into other products such as 1:1 Scale replicas like 78 Myers Knife, Chucky, etc.

 – Trick or Treat Studios –

Halloween Franchise & Terrifier 

  • Halloween – 1978


  • Halloween 4 & 5

  • Halloween – 2018 & Art the Clown (Terrifier)

All the above figures are 1:6 Scale and will retail for $119.99 no word on a release date as of yet

During a FB live post Trick or Treat Studios did mention they are also doing Halloween 2, 3, 6, 7, & 8

Zombie Busts 

  • House by the Cemetary & Zombie

  • Zombie, Dawn of the Dead, & Zombie Holocaust

There isn’t a lot of info available on these guys yet such as Price, Release, or Dimensions but I’m sure Trick or Treat will let us all know soon

Man, I love Toy Fair today an amazing day for reveals and I’m super excited to see what else is coming!

Thanks again for the pictures we used from Toy Ark/TFW 2005. As always you can pre-order all the collectibles I’ve talked about at Off-Kilter Toys

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