A Green Inferno Sequel??


Eli Roths infamous movie The Green Inferno came out in 2013 stateside after being stuck in distribution hell for years. The movie put a handful of clueless social justice warriors into the cannibal-filled Amazon rainforest, and let’s just say this was the closest thing I’ve seen to cannibal holocaust. The controversial film was praised by Stephen King and earned more than double its budget at the box office, paving way for an inevitable sequel.

I was hoping to see a follow up a few years ago but to no avail we were left with nothing. There were talks of a follow up called Beyond the Green Inferno supposedly to be directed by Nicholas Lopez one of Roths long time collaborators.

So what’s the deal?

Last night, The Wrap wrote up a story about a short film that Roth will soon be producing for digital genre brand Crypt TV, and buried at the bottom of the post was the first nugget of info we’ve heard about the Green Inferno sequel in a couple years. “The writer-director-producer is currently in development on a sequel to his slacktivism slasher film The Green Inferno,” noted the site.

As for whether or not it’s still titled Beyond the Green Inferno, with Nicolas Lopez directing, we don’t yet know. But we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more about this one.

Info from ( ihorror.com )

What are your thoughts on the Green Inferno? Do you think it deserves a second?

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