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Deep Cuts #4: A Snortin’ Good Time

July 19, 2023 RetRo(n)

1987’s Slaughterhouse always caught my eye at my local video store growing up, but for some unknown reason, I never got around to renting it. I pretty much rented everything else they had to offer, […]

Cult Movies

Deep Cuts #2: TV with Lamberto

June 28, 2023 RetRo(n)

Italian TV movies are not like American TV movies. They contain nudity, gore, violence, cursing, really everything that you would want from a good theater going experience, but in the comfort of your own home. […]

Cult Movies

Deep Cuts #1: Zombies with Weapons

June 21, 2023 RetRo(n)

One could argue the pros and cons of slow zombies vs. fast zombies. Is it scarier to be attacked by a horde of slow moving, lunging zombies? Or does the opportunity to be killed by […]

Cult Movies

Press Release: FP2 – Beats of Rage

April 5, 2018 Ray Marek III

POSTER FOR “THE FP 2: BEATS OF RAGE” REVEALED! Sequel to Indie Favorite Sports Retro Art By Thomas Hodge (Hobo With a Shotgun) North Hollywood, CA – Any follow-up to 2011’s beloved post-apocalyptic comedy The […]

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