Halloween Horror Anthology 10/31 part III (2022) – Review

In the world of Indie horror there are many overlooked titles and creators.  In the, now trilogy of 10/31 we get a sample of some of these filmmakers within the segments of the anthology.  We’ve covered the other two films with delight as Rocky Gray continues to put together these terrific horror anthologies for the Halloween season.  Now there are three films and it adds the ever growing selection of Halloween horror available from Scream Team Releasing.

10/31 part 3 is broken into four different segments that all take place on Halloween.  The film is once again hosted by the terrifically terrifyingly beautiful Malvolia the Queen of Screams.  Well, even before that we get some faux trailers like we did in 10/31 part 2, well maybe faux isn’t the right word considering one of those is becoming a feature.  These are no different as a few of these should become a feature.  Indie filmmakers like Shawn Burkett, Dustin Ferguson, Jonathon Patrick Hughes, Rocky Gray and Jed Brian.  The segments in this edition are pretty strong with a couple of standouts that I would definitely want to see more of.

So let’s kind of break it down by segment.

Welcome to another edition of the Halloween Monster Marathon with your host Malvolia: The Queen of Screams. This year brings you four more creepy tales of mummies, madmen and fun size demons. Michael Ballif (The Witching Season) unravels horror in the “House of the Mummy”, Jacob Perrett (Spine Chiller) discovers evil waiting in a couples’ new home in the “Lock Smith”, Brad Twigg (Killer Campout) shows you why you should leave your creepy neighbor alone in “Old Man Gross” and Zane Hershberger (Force To Fear) plays with demonic objects in “Hack-In-The-Box”, with music by Rocky Gray (The Barn, Wicked Ones). Featuring faux movie trailers – ”The Slaughter” (Shawn Burkett), “Night of the Halloweenies” (Jonathan Patrick Hughes), “Radio Tower Road” (Jed Brian), “Candy Killer” (Dustin Ferguson), and “A Strangers Treat” (Rocky Gray).

Segment 1

House of the Mummy

Directed by Michael Ballif

This was pretty fun.  Without giving too much away, the creator of the Witching Season and The Live Inside Us brings us some Halloween fun.  Wes, recently dumped, is putting together a haunted house in his mother’s house and he comes across an ancient mummy decoration.

With a little bit of humor and Halloween fun, this was a strong entry in the 10/31 trilogy.  It has the comedy, gore and domestic disputes.  Ballif really knows how to frame a scene and I really enjoy his works.  Also, I love the title, it invokes titles you’d find in you Universal horror or Hammer horror collections.

Segment 2

The Locksmith

Directed by Jacob Perrett

This needs to be a feature.  The dark creepy atmosphere and the look of the titular character help make this one of my favorite 10/31 segments of the trilogy, easily.  I could see this one being a feature film and doing well in the Indie horror world, if not bigger.

Segment 3

Old Man Gross

Directed by Brad Twigg

Brad Twigg is mostly known for Killer Campout, which there may be a sequel to the 2016 Indie film coming soon.  This segment wasn’t my favorite, but it works.  A group of friends break in to Old Man Gross’s house on Halloween to pull a prank on the old bastard.

Segment 4


Directed by Zane Hershberger

This is the shortest of the segments, but in my opinion the best.  It is very theatrical. I’ve been following Zane’s progress as a filmmaker and he just keeps getting better, proven here.  Evil has come in the form of a little children’s toy?  This one was fun and leaves you wanting more.

Overall go ahead and out 10/31 part III on your annual Halloween horror watch list, along with the Barn, The Witching Season and both 10/31 and 10/31 part 2.

I will say, I think of all three 10/31 films, my favorite is the second movie.  But ranking the segments may be something I do at some point in time.  This really is a fun horror anthology with something for everyone.  You can grab a copy of this or the other two at Scream Team Releasing.com in their 10/31 merch store.

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