The Witching Season II is Coming Soon!

A few years back we’re given a terrific Halloween themed horror anthology from Michael Ballif called The Witching Season. If you’ve missed out on the original anthology, you can check it out on Prime for grab a copy from Scream Team Releasing here.

Now you have the chance to pre-order The Witch Season II. This is an Independently made anthology horror sequel from the mind of Michael Ballif who also played a part in making 10/31 part III. Here is some information on The Witching Season II from the Indiegogo campaign where you can pre-order the film.

From Indiegogo

In 2015, Witching Season Films brewed its first project The Witching Season, an award-winning five-episode Halloween anthology that has been seen by viewers around the world. The series was directed by Witching Season Films founder Michael Ballif and longtime collaborator James Morris and had several viral hits online. It went on to screen and numerous film festivals, eventually receiving physical distribution through Scream Team Releasing, and landed a long-term spot on multiple streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Tubi.

Flash forward a few years later, in 2020 Witching Season Films released their first feature-length movie, They Live Inside Us (written and directed by Michael Ballif), an adaptation of the fourth episode of The Witching Season of the same title. In 2021, the company embarked on production on their second feature, He Never Left (written and directed by James Morris), starring veteran film and television actor Colin Cunningham. The film is officially complete and currently starting its film festival run this Halloween season, with an anticipated release in 2024.

Now, in 2023, after years of working on feature film projects, we’re excited to return to our spooky roots. We’ve been asked time and time again if a second season of The Witching Season will be happening. We’re thrilled to finally respond with a spine-tingling “YES!” We are excited to take everything we’ve learned and the experience we’ve gained since the creation of Season I, to make the most cinematic, atmospheric, and Halloween-fueled follow-up we possibly can.

We plan to unearth five more chilling tales in The Witching Season II, and in a similar fashion as our first installment, each episode will tackle a different, classic sub-genre of horror.

This time around, our sinister storytelling includes…

A little creature story.

A grim fable about death.

A classic vampire tale.

A scarecrow story from out of this world.

An 80s-style slasher with a pscyhological twist.

Whereas The Witching Season only had loose connections between episodes, every segment of The Witching Season II will have direct connections to the other stories surrounding it, creating a bit of extra fun and intrigue for those who pay attention to the gory details!

I personally love the first entry into this hopefully long running anthology and from what I’m seeing here, I’m in on The Witching Season II, I hope you are too!

Check out my review of the Witching Season here!

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