Indiegogo: Pool Party Massacre 2!!!

Over the weekend at Horrorhound Weekend Indy, I spoke to the uber talented and devastatingly handsome Drew Marvick.  We talked about Pool Party Massacre and its coming sequel, also the length of Drew’s beard, oh and his involvement with 10/31 part 2.  I expressed how excited I was that Pool Party is getting a sequel.  With a minor spoiler alert, but the end of the first movie leaves it open.

I did a review of Pool Party Massacre back in 2018, and I loved it.  So much fun, great kills and of course boobies!  Here is a link to the review.

So, Drew said the budget was only $6k and sounds like it was funded by him.  This time, he is doubling the budget and going to crowd funding.  Some people say it is dying, but Drew proves it is not dead.  Less than 10 days and the complete $12k goal is complete.  So, now the more money, the more blood, tits and gore!  Also, I wanna see Drew go wild.  I got some insight on this movie and it sounds like it could be a lot of fun.  I believe in Drew Marvick.

A little from the Indiegogo:

Who are we, and what the hell are we doing?

Hello, my name is Drew Marvick and I am the writer/director of the no budget slasher film Pool Party Massacre. Based on the fact that people actually liked that movie, like for real, I have decided to make a sequel. But not just any sequel, we are going to make a sequel that is twice as good as the first movie. And we are gonna do that by making it twice as bloody, give it twice as many kills, twice as much nudity, basically twice the amount of everything you want. (and half the dialog) This formula was proven several times over by 80s horror franchises, and we found the recipe.

What exactly do we need, and why the hell should you help?

In order to make the movie twice as good, and have twice as much of all the important things. We are gonna need twice the budget of the first movie. But don’t worry, we made that whole movie for just $6,000. (That’s like the price of a fancy toilette) So in order to make this awesome sequel we only need you to help us get $12,000. (or two fancy toilettes worth) Thats it! And don’t think we aren’t gonna give you something in return for your help. We have tons of awesome perks

It may seem like we didn’t put a lot of thought into this number, but we did. This is what we do for living, we know about this stuff. And to prove it we made a pie chart to show you just how that money will be spent. (we aren’t good at math)


What the hell makes this movie so special?

Pool Party Massacre was a DIY, no budget indie horror film made by an indie horror fan out of pure love for the genre. It’s true. We didn’t worry about what was hot in theaters, what the kids were watching, or who was big overseas. We just made the movie that we wanted to see. And luckily, there are a lot of other horror fans just like us that ended up really digging what we made. And we want to do that again.

We want to keep the same spirit, the same drive, the same craziness, and multiply it in the sequel. That is why we are keeping the formula the same. We aren’t bringing in outside producers, we didn’t buy a cool script and slap our title on it. We are getting the band back together, stealing locations, building stuff in our garage, calling in a ton of favors, and killing everyone we know. (on camera)

What the hell kind of risk is there?

If you have burned before by indie horror crowd funding campaigns, and you are a little worried about having the same thing happen again. (we’ve been there) Don’t worry, we are making this movie no matter what! We self financed, self produced, self distributed, self marketed and self everythinged the first movie. We are totally prepared to do that again, we just thought it would be way cooler if together we could make the sequel twice as awesome as the first one. But we’re resourceful sons a bitches. We’ll sell everything we have and then sell our organs if we have to raise the money outside of IndieGoGo.

I am broke, what the hell do you want from me?

We get it. We’ve been broke before too, we made the dumb decision to be Indie Filmmakers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help us. We really want to spread the word about Pool Party Massacre 2. We are pretty damn certain there are more indie horror fans out there that would love what we are doing, but just don’t know we even exist. So if you could tell your friends, tell your parents, tell your neighbors, tell anybody you want. That would be awesome. Also if you can follow us on social media and share one or two of our posts that would be rad.

I don’t have friends, what the hell do you want from me?

We get that too. We keep killing out friends in movies, and we’re running out. But you can still help us, by just letting us know what you like or dislike about the first movie. What you think we should change about our campaign, and what you think would make the sequel totally kick ass. Comment right here on the IndieGoGo page or on social media. We can take your criticism, and will try not to make it awkward if you compliment us.



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