Manhunt: Smile, You’re on Camera

Rockstar released Manhunt for the PlayStation store in 1080p, you can relive the story of a born again, death row inmate named James Earl Cash and his journey as he battles gangs, militia and the police while being recorded for a Snuff Film. Each level, Cash ventures to is fully equipped with an eerie environment, weapons arranging from plastic bags to nail guns and machetes, and endless ways to kill your opponents as several cameras are set up for the audience’s viewing pleasure. Arranging from the slums of Carcer City to mental institutions chasing men in bunny suits to fighting Pig-Man with glass shards and a chainsaw. You can’t make this shit up, a game that was ahead of its time, even with its mature rating (which at the time should have been considered Adults Only, like the direct sequel) there was so much chaos and frustration.image

The controls are a bit outdated considering this was an early RockStar game that came out a few years after GTA: Vice City. The average gamer will find themselves in complete aggravation but at the same time striving to master the gameplay. The cool part about its re-release is the additional PlayStation Trophies a player can unlock.

This was one of the hardest, most rewarding games I’d ever played. The replay value is high here. When you consider the fact that the storyline helps push the game forward making the player wanting to know what else is in store for Cash. Manhunt, gradually gets harder and harder as you fine imageyourself stuck in certain spots with melee trying to avoid confrontation with the enemies because once you’re spotted its next to impossible to win a head-on fight with more than 2 opponents. Once cash finds the pistol the game changes into a full out war zone as the gangs get bigger and well more equipped.

RockStar, was beginning to reign supreme in the video game world after its success of GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas even with not so popular but cult followed games such as Bully, Red Dead Revolver and the movie-based game The Warriors. Manhunt was one that got under the nose of the average gamer but a legend to the average Horror fan.

With Manhunt’s “Carpenter” soundtrack, gory stealth kills, futuristic gangs (including a group of militia led by a psychotic, machete wielding Commander) and main antagonist, The Director voiced by the legendary Brian Cox (Manhunter, Trick r Treat) imageas he directs Cash through the atrocities of survival in a dark city filled with gangs and a corrupt police force. There is even a level where cash has to sneak his way through an abandoned zoo to save his captured family members, as well as a level where Carcer City S.W.A.T chase Cash through the subway tunnels. This game is pure carnage and definitely a treat to young and older gamers to relive that intensity of being an army of one against gangs in a dark setting that feels like a combination of The Running Man and The Most Dangerous game with a SAW atmosphere.

While you are here, check out the fan film SNUFFED, based on the cult game Manhunt and download Manhunt now for 14.99 on the PSN Store.


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