Jenny at New Jersey Horror Con at Showboat

New Jersey Horror Con at Showboat in Atlantic City, NJ took place over the weekend of Sept 21-23.
Bryan Enright and myself from The Horror Syndicate attended the event and live streamed our interviews on Facebook .
Bryan has attended several Horror Con’s but this was my first one and I was so excited ! I have heard such good things about this event . This was the first time this event was held in Atlantic City. Although I am partial to this city I have to say it was the perfect choice . The venue was so spacious and clean and the security were great . This was a completely different experience for me .
Friday we got there and set up and got familiar with the venue and all of the amazing vendors. The celebrities arrived and started to set up on Friday as well .
We got to interview a few people on Friday . You can see the interviews on our Facebook page . I also got to see some of my favorite convention attendees, Dead Edd, Rick Flecha, George, Brian , Bill and many others . Also thank you Bill for my amazing skull glass .
Ron Jeremy gave me a wink as he walked by in his crocs , Dennis Haskins gave me a fist bump and later visited me at HQ2 nightclub and Lita Ford exchanged make up tips with my girlfriend while we were in the bathroom . I also got to shop and buy some cool merchandise from the vendors.
Saturday the venue really came alive !!!
Bryan and I had a panel of guests to help us interview. Our newest member to The Horror Syndicate Steven Drake, one of our photographers Wilma Abbott , my side kick Traci LaRocca , Bryan’s beautiful wife Victoria and baby Rhiannon , Loren Lepre Director and star of The Dark Military and the one and only Zakk Connor ,photographer to the rock stars ,who was graciously covering our event all weekend. Zakk also stared in The Dark Military and recently filmed a music video starring Bryan Enright for The War Twins. Which everyone go to see a sneak preview of except me ! I’ll remember that Zakk !
We got to interview different cosplay attendees, vendors , Father Evil , the Bloodshed Farm actors , Jen Tracy, Alton Simpson who i wrote about in my last article from the cherry hill event , Horror Show Jack, Karnage the Clown, Mike Capua, Mike Kornblau, Mike McManis and Kevin Forte to name a few.

I did a in depth interview with Mike McManis previously . If you aren’t familiar with his work definitely give him a follow on Facebook and also on Instagram as Disturbed Cosplay. His girlfriend Shelby Van Valk makes amazing costumes and her cosplay outfit was so beautiful . She asked me if i wanted to get in the coffin she had on display. The answer is always yes I want to get in the coffin !!! (See pic by Zakk Connor)
I didn’t get to see as many women at the event as I would have liked . I know you are out there !!!
The one woman I met and interviewed made her Cosplay outfit for the IT clown . It was so beautifully detailed. In her daytime life she is a Dentist . How incredible is it to see people following their passion and expressing their creativity .
I broke away from the table to go get a picture and autograph with Lita Ford . I am a huge fan and I was so excited to meet her . I intentionally matched my outfit to one of her iconic outfits from the 80’s. I also chose the picture with her wearing that outfit for her to sign . She looked beautiful and was so funny and nice . It was such a pleasure to meet such a female icon in the rock business.
I got to spend some time talking to our neighboring table featuring Nelson Vilela’s work.
He is a special effects artist . His character Art The Clown was amazing and terrifying .
Check out his work on Facebook and Instagram .
I also stopped to speak with Ghost Girl Greetings . They make greeting cards that feature horror and pop culture . You can find them on Facebook , Etsy, Twitter and Instagram .
Support women in business .
I would like to thank our neighboring table Thomas Ryan and The Theatre Of Terror . You can find him on Facebook and their official Facebook page for Theatre Of Terror.
I am so grateful i was able to attend this event and be a part of this amazing community .
I can’t wait until the next one .
You can follow our adventures in our website , Facebook and also Instagram.
Loren -me and Bryan will be collecting our $2.50 commission for selling your movie like hotcakes .
Pictures will be posted soon from Zakk Connor or Zakk Snyder as Bryan likes to call him .
Until next time hugs and hisses

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