Retro Review: Return of the Living Dead – Rave to the Grave (2005)

Why in the hell am I doing this to myself?

Rave to the Grave kind of picks up where Necropolis left off and I’ll say it now, Necropolis is the worst films of these wayward series. Anyway, Peter Coyote is back for opening of the film to kick off some trioxin fun.


A college student creates a drug called “Z” and sells it on campus, inadvertently resurrecting the living dead, who wreak havoc at a Halloween rave.

Yeah, of course there is a drug called “Z” in this movie. We have the survivors of the previous film roll over into this one, which is a first for a series that is…at best random, barely any continuity. Fine, no problem, the first one is amazing and part II is ok, Thom Mathews and James Karen return as new characters and 3, Julie is wild and out of control. So it is nice that we have some semblance of continuity by the fifth movie.

Julian, Cody and Becky, are now in college and it is Halloween, of course it is. We add, Jenny played by Jenny Mollen. Wow, we’re they lazy in naming the character or is this a coincidence?

Later they find the trioxin canister, it’s tested by a lab geek and a guy tries it and he gets this Incredible high from the drug now labeled “z”. There are people trying to stop the drug and of course a giant Rave. There is really no substance to this film at all. Oh wait…Tar man is back, kind of.

To review this movie is to say, it’s a poorly made for TV Horrorish film with Zombies. By 2005, Zombies were all the craze and the Sci-Fi channel wanted to cash in on what is hot. The movie was heavily edited on Sci-Fi and the DvD revealed one thing that helped make this movie somewhat better than the prior. Boobs. Yes nudity was back and that is likely this movie’s saving grace.

It’s terrible. The one shining light is Jenny Mollen, she isn’t terrible and it was cool to see an Angel alumni outside of the TV series, she played the hot Werewolf Angel dated for a bit in season 5.

I really don’t understand why this series is dead. The first film has such a fan following and beloved by tons of horror fans and yet, the rest of the series just seems to get worse and more weird as their made. You’d think Return of the Living Dead could be a well done and well known franchise. I bet a small population of fans know about part 3 and even smaller amount know about Necropolis and Rave to the Grave. Oh well.

Unfortunately that wraps up the series. Return of the Living Dead is a dead series with no future. What a shame.

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