Return of the Witch – Halloween III: Season of the Witch Fan Film

There are many different fan films popping up these days.  We have seen two Halloween fan films, The Spirit of Haddofield and the coming soon Halloween: The Face of Michael Myers.  But, now, we have a Season of the Witch fan film.  The question was posted on our Facebook page.

Is it becoming trendy to say you like Halloween III: Season of the Witch?

Or is the movie finally getting the respect it deserves?

It seems that Season of the Witch has been embraced by fans of horror and it is great to see fans make a sequel to Halloween III.  The itself is…okish.  But it is nice to see something.  Poking fun at the original, in a way and taking scenes from the movie itself.  So take a look and let us know what you think.  Watch all the way through to the end.

Oh, and it is cool they were given permission to use masks from Trick or Treat Studios. Enjoy the flick!

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