Review: Murdercise (2023)

In a world where all of Hollywood is on strike and films are not being made. There is one way to get our horror movies fix that never disappoints…Indie Horror! That’s right, Indie and there are so many you’ve probably never seen or heard of. Today, we bring you something wild, something crazy and something 80s! Don’t worry Reagan won’t mind.

Drew Marvick as Chuck


Phoebe is an obsessed fitness nerd who gets her big break on a sleazy workout video. After being ridiculed by her co-stars, Phoebe befriends a mafia princess wild child, who teaches her how to murder her way to the top.

Murdercise is exactly what I said, it’s wild. The movie begins with a slasher stipple of an opening kill and gratuitous nudity, and that is a great way to start a movie like this. August Kyss is working out in a set that is really amazing and then, she gets in the shower and shows off the goods, but wait…she hears something and unfortunately, we meet the killers, kind of.


We then move to a exercise studio where a sleazy, greasy looking fella is watching the filming of a exercise video and it is lead by “Candy” played by Jessa Flux(Debbie Does Demons, Cannibal Hookers) and she hams it up and is extremely sexual. It’s played like she is the lead, but in a movie full of unexpected moments, we meet the prude, over serious Phoebe played by Kansas Bowling(Christman Bloody Christmas, Psycho Ape) she shows good leadership skills at her job Hot Dog on Stick.

Phoebe is so serious, it may even be going her head and soon after meeting the new girl, Isabella played by Nina Lanee Kent(Slashorette Party, OnlyFangs) seemed to really help Phoebe and her confidence. Soon after we get our first twist as Candy tries to seduce Chuck, Drew Marvick (Pool Party Massacre and overall cool dude), but Chuck is too committed to the union, which at this point feels like a jab at the Hollywood system, but it’s not. Drew Marvick turns down her advances even when she whips out her huge tracks of land.

She paid for these and wants someone to touch them!

This is the first A&P productions I’ve seen and it was a good time. It’s produced by a writing and directing team of Paul Ragsdale and Angelica De Alba, from what I understand are an actual couple, which is absolutely awesome. Murdercise is a bunch of fun and kind of a party movie to watch with some friends. It has some good twists and it seems to know what kind of movie it is, like Pool Party Massacre, and in some ways I see parallels.

If you go in to Murdercise, remember a couple of things. It is an Indie film production and they had to have had a blast while filming on a micro budget from crowd funding on Indiegogo. The cast is fun, but I gotta say, I just loved Kansas Bowling, she was fun and while the movie focuses on her from the most part, she absolutely steals the show. I personally know Drew Marvick and he was hilarious as usual. But even so, Jessa Flux played the part of Candy really well and I really enjoyed Nina Lanee Kent.

Kansas Bowling as Phoebe

Murdercise is a fun movie and if you’re a fan of 80s throwback indie films, watch this movie. Hot women, blood, boobs and murdercise.

I give Murdercise a 6.0 overall score. It’s fun

Check out Murdercise on Facebook and Indiegogo to maybe, just maybe pick up a copy of the movie. It hasn’t hit streaming yet. I’m sure it will at some point, but if you grab a blu ray or DVD, I bet these fine people will make more glorious indie horror.

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