Review: Siren (2016)

Does anyone remember the film from Bloody Disgusting, V/H/S?  It is a horror anthology film, all found footage.  There was one stand out segment to me and it was Amateur Night.  The segment featured these guys who were out on the town and looking for ladies to make an amateur porn.  The run into a couple of girls, including a quiet girl, she turns out to be a…scream.  

I remember thinking a feature could be made from that segment and alas, four years later we get Siren.  When I first heard about this coming out, I wanted to see it immediately.  The trailer looked good and I liked Hannah Fierman from the first time I saw her.

Siren starts off with a couple of guys who wander into a room with bodies and a young girl with blood on her face.  One of the men talks calm to her as he binds her leg, so they can be friends.  The movie then cuts to Jonah and Eva who are in a bedroom trying to have sex, but some awkward sex talk leads to them talking about his coming bachelor party.

Driving to the bachelor party the group of guys, Jonah’s brother tells everyone, say yes to everything.  They get to this club and it is a disappointment.  There is a mysterious man, with a large and amazing mustache who tells a tale of an underground place with the best looking girls and great music.  Of course the guys fall for this and follow the man, after they take shrooms.

When they get to the club they are met by beautiful women and good music.  Eventually they are taken to a room with the man from the beginning of the movie who captured the girl.  He wants to help the crew help Jonah have a great time, or so we think.  He takes Jonah to Lily(Hannah Fierman) and she sings to him, but it does something to him and he gets the other guys to help do something stupid.

I don’t want to go in to spoilers or anything, if you have seen V/H/S you know what Lily is, so there is no spoiling that.  But this story is different and we get to understand more about her and what she is.  I will tell you, the ride is worth taking.  There are so many things about the movie, I cannot spoil, but I want to.

The cast is very low-budget, but the are good, notably Hannah Fierman of course, but I really like Mr. Nyx played by Justin Welborn.  He played a character that I would like to see more of, he is a collector of women with extraordinary…gifts.  I think he could be spun into his own movie.  His performance worked well for the character.  Chase Williamson played Jonah, the main character, he was very well.

I do have some things to say about Lily, Hannah Fierman.  Her performance is fantastic, she carries over what she brought from V/H/S over to Siren and it is fantastic.  I was so happy to see the character more fleshed out, a backstory and more than the short performance from V/H/S.  Hannah Fierman is a budding star, maybe not to the “A list”, but she is on the way to being a big scream queen.  I really want to see more Hannah and damn it, more Lily!

I am very happy with the way Siren turned out.  This is the type of movie that could spawn a fun franchise, between Lily and spun off with Mr. Nix, it can be done.

IMDB has a rating of 6.5 

I give it a solid 9.0

I really enjoyed Siren and I will add this to my ever growing collection of horror movies.  There is somewhat of a generic plot, but that gets knocked away when they get to the underground bar and we see Lily for the first time.  Siren is crafted well and it makes me want more!  While it has a lower budget, it stands out as one of the top horror films of 2016 and is a must, especially for people who love a creature feature with some fantasy elements.

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