Todd McFarlane’s SPAWN to Receive a Hard R Rating

Legendary comic series author, Todd McFarlane will be directing the reboot to his baby, SPAWN. Growing up in New Jersey, for me the best toys were released during the 90’s. just so happens, SPAWN toys were my favorites. I got into the HBO cartoon series shortly after collecting the McFarlan toys but never got into the comics as much. I was so excited to hear that SPAWN was coming to the big screen staring Michael Jai White as SPAWN, John Leguizamo as CLOWN and co staring Martin Sheen. I think my mother and I were the only ones in the theater on a Friday night to see the premiere of SPAWN. I thought it was fine, I knew the storyline from the cartoon and thought it was a decent PG-13 dark adaptation, but then I got older and purchased the R rated blu Ray director’s cut and I was bored and disappointed.

I cant tell you how excited I am to hear that Todd McFarlane, the man himself, will be directing SPAWN (his baby) as a hard R rated Horror. Here is what McFarlane had to say on

“I’ve been living with the idea for so long that I wanted to direct it, but I knew that if I gave it to Hollywood and they spent a lot of money on it then just from a practical point of view, it wouldn’t be fair for me to then say ‘I want to direct.’ It’s not good business to spend $80 million on movie and then give it to somebody who’s not known for directing movies — but if you can make a movie for $10 million, they’ll get a lot of less experienced directors to do those movies. So I knew I needed to keep the story and the budget both tight so that when I go to Hollywood and I say ‘I have to direct it, that’s not even a negotiation, so if you can’t accept that, then the conversation is over quickly,’ then once they understand the scope and size and budget of it, they’re like ‘Oh, okay. It’s not like Todd’s coming in here asking for $100 million and then saying let me direct my first movie. He’s saying ‘Give me $10 million to make a little horror movie and let’s see if we can scare some people. We’ve done that tons of times.’”


Are you excited? Are you ready for SPAWN, to be handled with care by it’s creator? Let us know in the comments!

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