Trailer: The Walking Dead Season 3 Video Game

I am not sure how many of our followers play video games.  But I bet most have heard of the Walking Dead.  Telltale Games released the first season a few years ago.  The gameplay is minimal as it plays as a “choose your own adventure” type of game.  Very story driven and everything that happens in the game is based off of your decisions.

There are two seasons availible now for XboxOne or PS4 and I highley recommened them.  The first season you play as Lee.  The game begins when the outbreak starts.   Lee has to survive while taking care of a little girl, Clementine.  The games are completely story driven and coinside with the events of the Walking Dead comic book.  They are broken into 5 episodes that last around 2 or more hours.

Check out the trailer and download the Walking Dead seasons 1 and 2.  There is also a spinoff game that follows, fan favorite Michonne.

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